Losing weight can be one of the toughest things you will ever do. If you are like a lot of people you have lost the same ten or twenty pounds several times over. It can be frustrating to say the least and wouldn’t you finally love to say – I have lost the weight I wanted and I know I can keep it off!

Well witweight-loss-frustrationh raspberry ketone you might truly be finally just that.

This relative newbie to the weight loss realm was recently featured on the Dr Oz show and for good reason – people are seeing positive result, they are losing the weight they wanted to lose and they are keeping it off.

There really is nothing too difficult about it either – you take the raspberry ketone supplement in the morning and evening before meals and this amazing little extract does the rest. If you want to see even faster results, you can watch what you eat, in other words stay away from the real empty calorie foods, and you can get off the couch during commercials and jump on that dusty treadmill – but even if you keep living the same way as you always have you will still drop pounds for once and for all.

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Capsicum Extract – Great To Pair With Raspberry Ketone

by Raspberry Ketone on February 3, 2013

capsicum-pure-logoYou may or may not know that hot peppers can be beneficial to weight loss for their ability to speedup the metabolism and burn fat. The only problem is most people don’t want to eat hand fulls of mouth burning peppers everyday.

Luckily there is a solution – Capsicum extract. Capsicum is the part of a pepper that makes it spicy and hot. By capturing Capsicum and concentrating it in a small capsule, you are able to get the same benefits as eating dozens of hot peppers a day without having to burn your mouth and stomach.

Along with its weight loss benefits, it has many other as well, such as:

  • protects the body against infections
  • reduces blood pressure
  • reduces cholesterol
  • prevents inflammation
  • effective in the treatment of colds and fevers
  • lowers triglycerides
  • triggers the release of endorphins
  • improves digestion by inducing stomach secretions and improves digestion

Recently, Capsicum Pure was launched by the makers of Raspberry Ketone Pure. This product pairs great with raspberry ketones because, Capsicum extract speeds your metabolism up while raspberry ketones slice up the fat cells, giving unwanted belly fat a one-two fight fighting punch!

If you would like to try Capsicum Pure you can visit the web site here: http://capsicumpure.com


Jumpstart Your Weight Loss in 2013 With Raspberry Ketone

by Raspberry Ketone on December 29, 2012

In 2012, an unprecedented discovery in the weight loss market flipped the diet world upside down with the release of raspberry ketone. Since the release of raspberry ketone, thousands of people around the world have successfully transformed their bodies and got rid of unwanted fat for good.


With the New Year approaching, there is no better time to change your body than right now. The New Year is a time when we have the chance to make improvements in our lives, including how we look. Raspberry ketone is hands down the most effective way to start off your weight loss journey in 2013.

Let’s look at the facts:

  • Raspberry ketone is a proven fat burner: There are various weight loss studies which Dr. Oz himself brought up on his show. Raspberry ketone is a proven fat burner that can effectively regulate your body’s metabolism and instruct your body to start getting rid of your unwanted body fat. [click to continue…]


Maximizing Weight Loss with Raspberry Ketone

by Raspberry Ketone on December 11, 2012

Raspberry Ketone has helped hundreds of people lose weight and get rid of unwanted belly fat. However, for some people, results are not coming as fast as they would like. It should be noted that Raspberry Ketone, while powerful, cannot be all you utilize to lose weight. There are numerous things you can do to lose weight faster and keep off the weight.

Here are the three main areas you need to focus on to maximize your weight loss and life a healthy lifestyle:


Diet is obviously the most important aspect to losing weight. If you’re consuming unhealthy foods that slow your body down and are loaded with calories, you simply will not lose weight. Rasbperry Ketone might slow your weight gain, but it’s still inevitable you will continue to gain weight.

To lose weight, your diet should mostly consist of lean protein sources, fresh fruits and vegetables, and unprocessed whole grains. This will supply the body with healthy calories and the nutrients it needs to properly function.

The one big advantage to Raspberry Ketone is that it does take some of the pressure off of your diet and allows for some flexibility. Research has shown that treating yourself to a sweet dessert or burger is actually beneficial to your weight in the long-term because it will ward off serious cravings, that can lead to a binge eating spree. Therefore, treat yourself to something every so often, perhaps at certain weight loss targets.


Exercise is the second essential part to maximizing your weight loss. Exercise not only burns calories when it is performed but also burns calories after your workout. The metabolic boost you receive from Raspberry Ketone will be felt for a much longer period of time if you exercise at a medium intensity pace for as little as 20-30 minutes per day.

Lifting weights is also an excellent way to actually lose weight as well. One pound of muscle burns as many as 50 calories per day, while a pound of fat only burns about 6 calories. Therefore, adding even 4-5 pounds of muscle can help you lose a few extra pounds per month and will help you achieve a toned, thinner body faster.

Exercise also helps improve your circulation, improves your energy levels, and improves nutrient absorption of your muscles, organs, and other tissues.


Finally, the last area you need to evaluate is your sleep patterns. Sleep is essential for the body because it helps the muscles and other organs in your body recover from exercise. Failure to sleep enough depletes the body of vital rest, which will slow your metabolism and dramatically decrease your energy levels.


Raspberry Ketone, along with sleep, a proper diet, and 30 minutes of exercise can provide dramatic results. Not only will you lose a lot of weight, but you will lose it in a steady, safe manner. This increases the chance of you keeping off the weight for good, which should really be your goal.


Fight Halloween Temptation

by Raspberry Ketone on October 31, 2012

Whether you’re at your ideal weight and want to stay there, or you’re hoping to shed a few pounds, follow this healthy, easy 3-step plan to help you fight the fat.

Eat Small Snacks. 

Starving your body is never a good option for losing weight. Skipping meals slows metabolism, decreases energy, and increases the potential to over-eat when you finally decide to feed your body. If your body is satisfied and your blood sugar levels are where they should be by eating regularly, it won’t be as difficult to “just say no” to Halloween temptations.


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Using Raspberry Ketone with Exercise

by Raspberry Ketone on October 26, 2012

As you already know, the benefits that come with taking raspberry ketone supplements are immense. The first and foremost being that it can assist in weight loss and show effects in a short amount of time, without having to go on some crazy diet. Another great thing about this supplement, that canít be said about many others is the fact that there are absolutely no side effects to using this. Raspberry ketone is such a powerful supplement that even some other diets will include it in their own diet product, such as the Lemonade Diet. [click to continue…]


Raspberry Ketone Video Breakdown

by Raspberry Ketone on October 18, 2012

Troy from Higher Health gives his analysis on raspberry ketone and health in general:

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Raspberry Ketone and Weight Loss

by Raspberry Ketone on October 10, 2012

If you pay any attention to diet trends whatsoever, then chances are you have recently heard of something called raspberry ketone. It’s the latest big weight loss product to hit the shelves and demand for raspberry ketone supplements is incredibly high at the moment.  However, unless you regularly watch Dr. Oz, you probably don’t know much more about raspberry ketone other than its supposed weight loss abilities. So what is raspberry ketone and how does it cause weight loss?

First, raspberry ketone is a naturally occurring phenol found in red raspberries. Raspberry ketone is what gives red raspberries the sweet smell and red coloring. This is why raspberry ketone is often used for food coloring in food processing. There is only a very small amount of raspberry ketone in red raspberries. For example, it would take about 100lbs. of red raspberries to extract 100mgs of raspberry ketone.

While we’ve already discussed the use of raspberry ketone for food coloring, it is also now used as a weight loss supplement. So how does raspberry ketone cause weight loss? [click to continue…]


Raspberry Ketone Free Bottle Give Away #2!

by Raspberry Ketone on August 3, 2012

It’s Contest Time Again!

Raspberry Ketone Pure will be giving away free bottles of their product to selected participants in our contest!


1st Prize: A 3 month supply of Raspberry Ketone Pure – $99 Value

If we get over 20 comments we will also have a 2nd and 3rd place prize, so tell your friends!

2nd Prize: A 2 month supply – $79 Value

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Rasberry Ketone – A Look at Two Scientific Studies

by Raspberry Ketone on June 27, 2012

raspberry ketone medical studyAs the popularity of Raspberry Ketone has skyrocketed recently, so has the release of scientific studies about them. Studies of raspberry ketones go as far back as 2005, so this craze was being looked at before it even started. By studying the effect of this supplement on rats in controlled laboratory studies, researchers have found some interesting things about how it helps humans to lose weight. So let’s take a look at how these studies were put together and what they showed about Raspberry Ketones and their effect on weight loss.

A Study From 2005

These results are from a 2005 study by the Ehime University School of Medicine. It took place quite a while back, but it revealed a lot of information about how raspberry ketone prevents obesity. They took a group of mice and gave them all the same high-fat diet (40% fat), but they separated them into three groups based on how much raspberry ketone was in their diet. There were three groups whose diets consisted of .5%, 1% and 2% raspberry ketone respectively.

Everything in this study was controlled except the raspberry ketone intake, which was isolated. So what did they find out? It was reported that those mice whose diets consisted of 1% and 2% raspberry ketone supplements lost more weight and had less buildup of fat in the liver than mice who had no raspberry ketone at all. They concluded that raspberry ketones did in fact help to control obesity and fatty liver!

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