Free Bottle of Raspberry Ketone Pure Giveaway!

by Raspberry Ketone on March 19, 2012

It’s Contest Time!

Raspberry Ketone Pure will be giving away free bottles of their product to selected participants in our contest!


1st Prize: A 3 month supply of Raspberry Ketone Pure – $99 Value

If we get over 50 comments we will also have a 2nd and 3rd place prize, so tell your friends!

2nd Prize: A 2 month supply – $79 Value

3rd Prize: A one month supply – $49 Value

The Rules:

  • Leave a comment below explaining why you should be selected for a prize. To leave a comment scroll down to the bottom of this page, leave your first name, email (will not be published) and your comment.
  • 1 entry per person
  • The more comments, the more prizes, so tell your friends and family!
  • Winners will be picked Sunday, April 1st
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Update: Comments are now closed and we are picking winners! Stay tuned for our next contest 🙂

Update 2: Winners have been picked!

JEANNE says:


Vicki says:

I need help and hope your product will be what it takes. Several medications and health issues leads me to a more “natural” choice in what else to put in my body. So many obsticles in my life that would benefit from weight loss. I would truely enjoy winning this contest.

MARIE says:


Katy says:

I am asking to be considered for your Contest Prize because I have been actively trying to lose weight with little success. I am a natural health enthusiast and am always passing on to others the great benefits of natural remedies. I know that after experiencing the potential success that Raspberry Keytones promise, I will be a lifelong customer and recruit many others besides.

Julie says:

Hello, the reason I believe I should win the supply of Raspberry Ketone is recently my husband left me for another women and since then I have gained about 35 lbs. Well I decided its now time to lose that weight but I need a little help. The best revenge is looking better than the new girlfriend 😉 Please pick me!

Diane says:

I have hypothyroidism. I do take medication, but it is very difficult for me to even lose a couple of pounds. I exercise and eat right, but nothing seems to work. Raspberry ketone sounds as though it would be very helpful. It is my hope that it could give me the boost that I need. I am 40-50 lbs overweight and need help! I would love to win one of the prizes!

Marilyn Wilkowske says:

I am having extreme trouble losing weight! My doctor is after me constantly to lose.
I have a back problem, all of my discs are dehydrated! I exercise some but I’m not
an expert. I would like to be able to try the Raspberrty Ketone! I hope it will give me
a boost start like Dr. Oz said it would!! Can’t wait to try it, whether I win or not.

Bryan Hix says:

im like everyone else…i’m 47 and have that extra belly fat and a fuller face than i like
im not much on gimmick pills popping for a better body i do believe in proper diet and exercise but i also know when a body reaches a certain age you need a little help
that being said id love to participate

charlotte king says:

I would love to try this.I have hypothyroid disease since my early teens and i have extreme difficulty in loosing weight.I battle weight gain daily and would love to try something that would actually work..

yvonne underhil says:

I have joined Ymca and wanted to try this whit other women working out the other women are going to use me as a ginny-pig but im game ill have a head start on losing weight really dont think they have the money so ill try first HOPE IT WORKS….. please give me a month or 2 to try i promise ill keep you informed about me and the ladies by the way we also we heard about this from DR OZ thank-you have a bless day and nice week-end hope you read to the end of the line othese commect

Cheryl says:

I need this item.

Pam says:

I gained about 80 pounds from some medication I had to take a few years ago. This “medicine weight” is extremely difficult to take off. I think this product could give my metabolism the boost it needs to begin to work properly again. My family has fallen victim to the troubles in the economy as so many people have and I just can’t justify the extra expense on my family for a product that may or may not work for me. If it works…I’m in. This will give me a chance to try it without taking that money out of my family budget. If it works then it will be worth the expense to continue to get healthy! Thanks so much for this contest and opportunity!

sherry says:

Have been trying for three years to lose these extras pounds have a thyroid problem that makes it impossible to do,now i my blood pressure is starting to get high need to lose this before any more problems happen i also have grandkids i take care of and would like to be able to play with them without getting tired. Have tryed tons of weight loss pills and they don’t work want to order this product but think it’s just another weight loss program that don’t work, really would like to find something that really works. would like to win. thank you!

Karen says:

I have been trying to lose weight for several years. I have been diagnosed with Type II Diabetes and the weight loss has stopped. I have little energy after working all day, yet I try to get on my treadmill at home. I’d like to lose a little more faster and safer. I don’t want to spend money unless I know I’d have no side-effect and that it worked. Even 5 pounds would convince me. I need to lose about 50. Thank you.

Merrigold says:

I have lost over 100 lbs. and should lose another 20 or 25 lbs. I am up and down with these last lbs, but have kept the 100 lbs. off for over 2 years now. I think raspberry ketones would give me a boost in continuing my weight loss and reaching my goal. I am excerising every day and eating fruits, vegetables & lean protein. I have just been appointed leader of our local TOPS chapter, and I want to continue being an example and mentor for others.

fran says:

I am in my 50s. I lost my 30s and 40s to obesity and depression. Finally a coup0le years ago..i started to exercise and lose weight. I have lost over a hundred pounds and i am at a plateau. I want to enjoy my fifties, healthy, and moving. I figure i have another 50 to lose, but I have hit a wall. Help me climb that wall and enjoy the life waiting for me on the other side

connie says:

I would love to win this! 9 yrs. ago I was diagnosed with a thyroid problem and 2 years after that with a pinched nerve in both feet and fibromyalgia. I had surgery on my feet (which did NOT work) and started taking meds for the fibro. I gained 50 lbs right off. Lost 10 and gained 15. I can only do low impact exercises which makes it literally impossible to lose weight. On top of that I found out I have sarcoidosis ( an imflammatory disease). I try to eat right but I don’t like alot of foods so it is impossible for me to lose weight on my own. My husband of 28 yrs. is also overweight (about 100 lbs) and has high blood pressure and high cholesterol. We have 3 young grandbabies that we can’t play with because of no energy and tired. PLEASE help us get back to where we need to be. I am on disability so I would really appreciate the free bottle.

M. Diston says:

After watching Dr. Oz demonstrate how the raspberry ketones make your body believe it is thin I know that my body is craving these. My body can’t remember what thin is. I am sure this is the boost I need to get moving again and start a new excercise program.

Kate says:

Raspberry Ketone Pure from all I’ve read has an excellent success rate in helping increase both the expression and secretion of adiponectin, and this protein hormone modulates a number of metabolic processes, and that a higher adiponectin = lower levels of body fat. I am planning to use this 100% natural dietary supplement to help manage my weight loss efforts. I appreciate the opportunity to try Raspberry Ketone Pure through this contest.

vivian says:

I would like to try raspberry keytones because i have heard really good things about it. I want to see if the results would work the same on me. I excercise daily and have a fairly good diet… but I cant seems to get past the last 15 pounds.

Tammy Goodwin-Hanks says:

I would love to win this contest. I heard about Raspberry Ketones like most here from the Dr. Oz show. I have been trying unsuccessfully for almost 45 years to lose weight and I think it is about time for me.

Doug says:

I would like to win because I have heard great things about your product. I am 45 years old and struggling with weight loss. I have to many aches and pains to
do high impact exercise. I lost 30 pounds about 3 years ago. But after a couple injuries. I can’t do the same workouts anymore.

Judith says:

After reading the benefits of Raspberry Ketone…I’m very curious to see results. Although mine is a bit of a debbie-downer, I really feel this is what I need. The past 3 years has been crazy…I gave birth to 2 kids-back to back so my body didn’t have time to snap back. Then add breast cancer and tons of steriods and other hormone pills(BTW I’m in remission) and then top it off with a divorce. That leaves me with a body I don’t recognize. I’ve always felt a great “me” creates a great mommy, employee, friend and etc. If this bottle helps get the physical part of me to a great place while I work on the mental…well I’m game!

So pick me…pick me!

Lillie Owen says:

I would like to win some Raspberry Ketones to help get rid of the belly fat once and for all. I heard about this from Dr. Oz.

Linda says:

Doctors tell me I need to lose about 75 lbs. I quit going to them because I don’t want to further hear about Type 2 Diabetes. My husband of 44 yrs. does not know, but he knows for sure, I’m fat. I want to get the Raspberry but he’s not going to go for it since I have all these exercise “toys” stashed around the house that I haven’t used. If I won this, I could get the weight loss started on your nickle and he would jump in and support me!

sherry says:

i hope i win thank you!

sherry royer says:

I am a grandmother trying to lose weight, to keep up with the grand kids. The last three years Ii’ve tryed tones of diets and exercise fat buster pills and still am unable to lose weight and get in shape,seen this on dr.oz and want to try it but feel like it’s like everything else you see avertised nothing seems to work ,would love to win and try just to be able to keep up with the grandkids and it would be nice to see a product that really works! I’m tired of being worn out !

Megan says:

Hi there I am Megan and I am a wife and Mother of two of the most amazing children in the world! But after my first born who I gain 97lbs with and tiped over 200 on the scale on the OR table as she came 5 1/2 weeks early, I was not sure how I was going to loose the weight I have been struggling my whole life off and on, but I am finally getting things together after my second was born and had a great pregnancy with him, but due to a lot of ‘metal” issues and the meds and what not loosing weight was not happening, I can say that I have lost 35 on my own and that is in two years+ now and I am ready to jusmo start my life and body and finally feel good in my own skin. So there is my story I hope to be a contender for this as it would help me in more ways then just weight loss, what I do with my children, going outside and to the beach, with my husband and so on! Good Luck everyone!!!!! And thanks for this chace!!!

Jennie says:

I deserve to win this contest because i am a single mother of four and i have a very hard time losing weight. I have tried many different types of weight loss products and many do not work i would like to lose a little weight but i am on a strict income. I also am a student and summer is coming up so would like to fit into them cute summer clothes and also feel better about myself is the main reason. I would like to have more energy to be able to do more things with my kids…. I am a valued canidate…

Jillian says:

i would love to lose weight for a couple reasons, for my wedding that is coming up in june. to prove to all those people that have always told me im “fat” or a big person wrong!! to feel happy with my self in general and of course to be healthy ive tired lot’s of excirice’s im a busy young mother that never stops. it would be so nice to do somthing to make my self feel great!

Stephanie Fulk says:

I want more than anything to lose my last 20lbs and for once like what I see in the mirror. My kids are 1 and 2 and I feel like I am missing out on so much b.c I am so unhappy with myself. Most days I don’t even want to leave the house. I have tried everything nd nothing is working. I need a jumpstart to get my confidence back and be the mom and wife I know I can be,

colleen says:

I would love to win!!!! I have been struggling with the last 10 pounds since my youngest daughter was born. I’m a very athletic person who takes part in half marathons, but its been hard running so much and feeling the extra pounds on my joints. For me to lose just one pound I would have to run over 30 miles a week and eat around 1200 calories( not good for how much im running). I really would love to have the opportunity to try, what sounds like an amazing product!!…..

Hamid says:

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Erika says:

I’ve never tried Raspberry Ketone, I’ve been desperate to lose weight due to injuries to my low back, knee, and plantar fasciitis (heel spur). Carrying around more weight than I should puts me in pain every day, just to do something as simple as doing the dishes causes pain. Of course I’m also concerned about the long term affects that comes along with being obese such as diabetes, heart attacks etc. I think I deserve this so I can finally be pain free, have no worries, and have more confidence in myself, I think I’d be a good candidate because I’ve never tried the product, and would love to see the fantastic results it shall bring! I’m looking for something simple to add with eating right, and excercise, and this sounds like a winner!

Angie says:

I am a mother to 2 very energetic boys 10 & 9 who beg me everyday to go outside and play with them, but when you are over weight it’s not to easy to do. It makes me sad everyday to know I am breaking their hearts because I am not able to do all the fun stuff with them that a mom should be doing. About 2 months ago I promised myself and them that I would shed the pounds, so I have been trying really hard but nothing seem to help. I am very confident that raspberry ketone pure will help me get where I need to be so I am able to run and play with my kids. Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity for a chance to try something that may change my life forever…

Bonnie says:

Hi, I believe I should win because my whole life I’ve been overweight. At 12 years old I was already 200 pounds. I’ve never known what it feels like to be thin or attractive. I have tried everything! Clinical pills, gym memberships, weight loss shakes, and “body make overs”. I would love to show off my new body to my friends and family. Please consider me for this contest!

sheila Armbruster says:

I need to get healthy & lose weight, my husband has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, i will be his long term care giver when he is no longer able to work, in order to do this i must lose weight without losing muscle, i am hopeful that raspberry ketone pure will help me accomplish this

Harness keri says:

I have done almost everything except get the lapband to lose weight. I always seem hungry and nothing seems to curve my appetite. I am 400 height is 5’9. Im really would love to get the RAsphberry Ketone.

Wanda says:

I have tried everything to lose weight.I am tired of not being able to lose weight and have energy.I would love to spend more time playing with my grand daughter,but I don’t have the energy because of my weight.Please choose me

Becki says:

Thank you for this opportunity. I want to win this contest so I can finally get on the journey to safe effective weight loss. I have multiple life threatening health conditions associated with my weight. I would like to be able to finally LIVE my life and be here for my children, husband, and granddaugter. That is the most important right now. I want to be able to not feel like I am smothering in my body. I want others to finally take a look at who I am and take me seriously. I want to enjoy life.

Cheryl says:

I have done everything to get rid of this belly fat. I’ve done situps until I’m blue in the face, protein drinks, diet frozen dinner etc… I usually eat healthy, and do work out but nothing works. After having five children and now at middle age I’m giving up hope of ever losing 35 pounds and keeping it off. Child birth was easier than trying to losing this weight. Will this Raspberry Ketone help me?

andrea says:

I’m 25 and I’m ready to get my act together.
I desire to go back to college which I started in high school, I want to major in science and be a histologist or nutritionist. I love the science behind food and the holistic effects that so many people in America aren’t taking advantage of because their lack of knowledge. I desire to gain all the info I can to share with people and help this country be all it can be.
I’ve been depressed since I was a teen, and it’s sad to see when people give up on themselves. I felt I have done that until a month ago. I started the insanity workout and am on my way to be the person I thought I never was. I want to be an inspiration for those around me.
I have the willpower but I need a jump start. I just want to be happy, healthy, and I need to start early, because multiple family members in my family, including my mother, have had colon cancer. I know weight is a factor in this deadly disease, as well as food choices. Raspberry ketone could be the key to unlock my potential.

Thank you for your time.

Tonya Mathes says:

I should be selected to win the 3 month supply of raspberry keytone because I have just 30 more pounds to lose and have reached a plateau. This would be just what I need to reach my goal .

Mer says:

I’ve been on the dieting merry-go-round for ever and really want something to help. I just ordered some but would love the extra to help me reach my goal and to stop once and for all my roller coast ride of dieting. I have been exercising but am at a plateau and so need more help. Thank you so much for offering this.

Marie says:

I found out just three years ago that I have MS. All that I can proactively do beside stay on my medication is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and control my weight so I will be better equipped to handle any issues. I am retired and as I age any additional fat I carry will of course have a negative impact on my dealing with general aging problems (not that I need anything else!) But more importantly I need to keep healthy and mobile so I’ll have the best chance of dealing with any possible MS issues. So I must get rid of that last 10-15 lbs and more importantly the fat associated with it! This is why I am very interested in trying Ketone. This isn’t a vanity issue for me… is how I get to live the rest of my life. And for that reason, I hope you will chose me to get me started on Ketone. Many thanks!!!

Judy says:

I have stomach fat that I can’t get rid of. Tried everything even exercise everyday and walk. Think I need the last 10 lbs Boot Camp!!!

Kari-Sue says:

I have been dealing with severe back problems for 20 years. I just turned 39. I am a mother of 3 children. It was only until about 7 years ago, that those problems started effecting every aspect of my life, including the worst struggle with my weight that I have ever had. Finally through extensive testing, the problem was diagnosed, and my road to health began. Along with the diagnosis’ of severe DDD, Facet Joint Disease, Fibromyalgia, I also have arthritis throughout my body. I take many medicines daily and nightly to relieve inflammation ( which I do know that Raspberry Ketone is natural anti inflammatory) and medicines to ease the pain from the joint disease, fibro, and arthritis. My ultimate goal is to get off as many prescription meds as possible. I have given myself 1 year to get in the best physical shape as I possibly can, so that I may enter my 40’s comfortably, and HEALTHY. With the aforementioned issues, it is very hard to lose weight, as that entails movement…movement that can be very difficult at times, as it causes even more pain, hence the perpetual cycle of weight gain. I would truly like to lose between 60-80 pounds! (I also have a 5 year wedding anniversary coming up in October, in which my husband and I are finally going to be able to have an actual honeymoon in Mexico!!! I want to be able to enjoy every moment of that, without worrying about looking and feeling awful both physically and mentally.) I would be ever so grateful for any help I could get to achieve my goal. I try very hard to make it to the gym to walk everyday, to keep the arthritis in check, and have to maintain my exercising just to keep mobile, and from freezing up. The less weight I have on my body restricting me, the less pain I will be forced to live in daily, and the sooner I can be on the road to HEALTHY…..for the rest of my life. I would love to be one of those success stories that amaze millions of people suffering from the many illnesses that can be brought on by excessive weight, and be an inspiration to many of those that are just as close to giving up as I have been on the hope of being healthy, and leading an active lifestyle. Thank you kindly, for taking the time to read this, and I hopefully will be thanking you, and attributing a big part of my health success to you very soon!!! Kind Regards, and Many Blessings!

jason says:

I am stuck in a rut in trying to lose the last 10 pounds. I have changed my eating habits & get more exercise, but nothing is working. I would love the opportunity to try this product & see how well it truly works.

dawn says:

I have tried just about every diet imagineable to lose weight and stubborn fat & nothing has worked. I have invested so much money that by now I could have had a new home & car. I want to lose this extra 10-15 pounds but nothing is working & I feel like a yo-yo (up & down) with my weight. I just want something that is proven to work and help keep the weight off along with my sensible eating. I would love the opportunity to win & really show what the Raspberry Ketone truly does.

Lisa says:

I would love to win this contest. I’m at my heaviest weight ever. I’m a mother of 2 and run a day home. I have a thyroid problem and my numbers are just out of this world. My dr. said I basically have no metabolism. I’ve been dieting and exercising and nothing is working. The stress I have in my life I’m sure adds to the weight especially in the belly. For my height I need to loose 100 lbs. CRAZY!!! I would be forever grateful if I won this contest. It is so depressing, every year my weight becomes higher and now that summer is approaching it becomes even more depressing. I can’t even enjoy doing stuff with my girls in the summer cuz of my weight I dare not get into a bathing suit. You have no idea how much this would mean to me.
Please consider me and thank you for giving us all a chance to win.

Lou Ann says:

Please pick me, lost my job almost 3 years ago. Been trying to find another one with no luck. Feel like I’ve been going down hill. I’m 57 years old and over weight. Tried about everything and nothing is working. Sure is hard losing weight at this age. Would like to try your product, sounds very promising. I have thyroid issues, I know that is one of the problems of my weight. I know if I could lose at least 75 pounds my whole out look on life would lift me and help me to get back on track. Please consider me as a candidate. Thank you for this great opportunity.

Karina Nolasco says:

I would love to win this contest because I have been trying for a very long time to lose weight and have failed. I believe this product will help me achieve my goal and dreams of losing weight. Please take me into consideration, thank you and God bless you!

Janet says:

I am 55 years old and 50 some pounds over weight. I have lost the weight in the past..but end up putting it back on. I know as I have gotten older I don’t feel as healthy…not only do I want to get healthy by losing the excess belly and top fat…I want so much to be around for a long time for my children and grandchildren..I would be so blessed for you to consider me as a top canidate to win the fantastic Rasberry Ketone…Funny thing is …we have a great big rasberry garden in the back yard…we put it on our ice cream in the summer….I know…the ice cream is probably not that good for me…again…thank you for your consideration……

Randi says:

I feel as though I would be a good candidate in becoming the winner for this product. About 5 years ago, over the period of a year, I lost over 80lbs working out and have kept the weight off up until recently. In December I become very ill and had to be life flighted and placed in cardiac ccu on a ventilator.. I was diagnosed with CHF Congestive Heart Failure at the age of 25! I couldn’t believe the news I obtained about my health and was told my heart functionality percentage was close to 20%! I taught full time and served at a local restaurant about 30 hours a week as well until my cardiologist put me a mandatory 3 month medical leave from both jobs.. From not being able to perform as before I have gained weight.. My heart functionality is now back to normal and I feel a lot better and I have currently started walking with a group of friends and have lost 5-10lbs but I know that I will receive better and great results with your product! Please consider me as a winner!

Becky says:

I would love to be a recipient of Raspberry Ketone, which I just learned about on the Dr. Oz show last night. I have been interested in a healthy lifestyle since I was 9 years old (44 years). Watching both sides of my family with weight issues, I became aware early and have always been weight conscious. I struggle with my weight ‘always.’ Working out and being a vegetarian for many, many years has helped. But it would be awesome to find something that would help me with this as well. Thanks for the offer and opportunity. 🙂

brenda says:

when i win
what a big grin
make this no april fool’s joke
i won’t go broke
cause i will win
I am exercising doing zumba three nights a week for about a year
and i would like a little help losing weight
and i love raspberries.

W says:

I am very curious about the claims of Raspberry Ketones. I won’t be giving you a story about how I deserve this over all the other entries, we all have a story and we all are entering because we each feel we need to loose weight, but I can’t believe that one person is more deserving than the next. Each of us knows what a struggle it is to loose weight and are looking for that “magic” trick that will help us. If I am chosen, I would be very appreciative and if not, will be happy for the one who is! Good luck everyone!

Misty says:

I would love to win and I would be forever be grateful if I won the Raspberry Ketone Pure Giveaway contest. I am a wife of a active duty Us Navy Chief and a mommy of 4 i have been having a really hard time losing weight ..I have a Thyroid problem and it is so hard to lose weight .. Yesterday I was out at a store opening and a very mean and nasty woman approached me and said i needed to be at this store because i was fat and ugly it really has bothered me and i have been tiring really hard to lose for like a year ..I am working out 5-6 times a week, eating healthy and it just is not helping losse it …..My doctor told me that raspberry keystones would be a great thing for me … I tried to find them here when i live in the health food store but no luck ..Well I can’t say I am more deserving than anyone else,.i am ashamed to go out looking the way i do. please please help. you are my last chance.
Thank- You
Form A military wife and mommy of 4 that really needs all the help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deborah Thomas says:

In the past few years, I have had alot of medical problems. The medical problems keeps me from excersing the way I should. I must lose weight in order for me to get around like a person. I would love to be able to lose weight without continue spending so much money.

Please help and thank you for your support.

i was 209# and have lost 44 pounds but i am starting to platau i could use some help please help

Craig says:

I was watching Dr. Oz yesterday after work and saw that he was doing a weight loss special. I am an active duty member of the military who works out at least 5 days a week and follow a pretty lean diet. I have tried many supplements in the past but do not like the way they made me feel or putting chemicals in my body plus I have high blood pressure so I have to watch what I take in. I have been stuck at 200 Lbs for over a year now and cannot seem to break the plateau no matter what I do. I have been looking for a product to help me with my fat loss and kill my dreaded love handles which I have not been able to lose. I am really interested in trying this product to see if it will do what it is advertised to do…. Thanks for considering me R/S Craig

Theresa McDonough says:

I deserve to win because my daughter has cystic fibrosis and I sit all day at the hospital for weeks on end to be with her, and not swimming like i do, have to put that on hold so I can be with her. So that is why I would like to win, to try and get back in shape.

karen says:

I have heard so many good things about raspberry ketones.It sounds like the answer to my prayers.I am 5 feet tall.I weigh 237 lbs.I am hypothyroid,hypoglycemic and have low blood pressure.It seems I have tried everything to lose weight.I am 50 and went through menopause,surgically.I can’t sleep at night.I have tried many diets to no avail.It’s hard to lose weight with thyroid issues.I need HELP.I have been to the diet dr which didn’t work for me.And I like to go natural if possible.Heart disease runs on my fathers side and I’m afraid if I don’t get it off,I will end up with it,too.I have 2 granddaughters that I keep daily,ages 7 and 10.I want to play with them,but I can’t.I have no energy to do anything.Please help me.Thank you so much.

marina mantle says:

I am a mom of two special needs kids,as you can imagine my day to day life has been pretty stressful,and we all know how stress can inder your weightloss efforts.I am about 60 lbs over weight,and over the years I have lost a few pounds here and there,only to gain them right back again.I am so glad to here that there is something out there finally, that is natural.over the years i have tried just about every weight loss supplement out there, and have litterally spent thousands in my quest for weightloss. I hope you will pick me, because i would really like to try them.
thank-you much
Marina, in Ottawa, Ontario, canada

Christine says:

I’m at the moment on my weight loss journey for the past 2 years now. I have lost 65 lbs since then, but have another 40 to go and would love that last little boost to a new me. I have just currently started using Raspberry ketones (a different brand then your advertising) to give me a little boost having lost the weight the old fashioned way, healthy eating and exercise. I’ve been using it for 2 weeks now, I did lose some weight not much (I woulda lost the same without taking RK). So I’m hoping with a different brand I’ll get different results. Hope you can help…Thanks;)

Connie Trent says:

I just found out about the beneficial product, rasberry ketones. I am looking anxiously awaiting to try this. Since my family genetics makes me to have vascular disease and diabetes I want to prevent any further damage to my body so I might live a longer healther life for my family. I need to lose up to 60 lbs. and I have every confidence this will help

Eva says:

I just learned about Rasberry Ketones and am very interested in it.

Beverly says:

Hello, My name is Bev and i have tried all kinds of diet pills and bought all kind of exercise stuff to lose weight. Now i really need to loose the weight now. cause i have diabetes and my sugar is real high, and the weight keeps adding up on me. the med’s i take have a side effect of weight gain. so please if you can help save my life, i would love to try your Raspberry ketone. hoping it will work for me. nothing seems to work for me. i would love to lose 90 pounds. went from 140 to 234. i am ashame to go out looking the way i do. please please help. you are my last chance. Thank- You

Christopher L. says:

I would be forever grateful if I won the Raspberry Ketone Pure Giveaway contest. I am morbidly obese with a BMI of of 59% and I NEED something to help me get down to a healthier weight. It is very hard for me to do physical activities to lose weight because I have been suffering with Peripheral neuropathy in my feet and legs and hands for several years now. I am only 38 years old, and have severe sleep apnea, and am pre-diabetic. I have a beautiful family to live for, a wife of 10 years, whom I’ve been with for 17 years, and two children ages 12 and 10. I am trying to lose the weight on my own, and so far have gone down from 359 to 310 lbs in about 1.5 years… but, I sure could use a hand… Thank you!

michelle says:

Well I can’t say I am more deserving than anyone else, we are all on the same journey. I have tried many different types of weight loss products and am somewhat skeptical of trying a new one but from the many positive comments it sounds like it is worth a shot.I don’t know if it will work until I try it, right? So I would appreciate the opportunity to try the Raspberry Ketone. Thank you soo much!

kristen says:

I have been trying to lose weight for 3 years have tried many diets i do exercise walking and dumbells i was in a accident 4 years ago was not sure i would walk again i went from 136 to 349 am now down to 243 its been a long road but i know i can do it not sure i should say i deserve to win but i am sure i would do my best if i did win thank you .

Karen T. says:

After loosing 40 pound on the HCG diet. A year later I have gained some of it back. I am ready for something new to try. I would love to try this product.

Rosa says:

To start I lost weight back in 2004, and found out I was pregnant, and gain that weight, her weight, and water weight, since that I’ve try everything to lose the weight, for my health too. This would be great to win, seeing it on Dr.Oz, and see if this will help me, and reading these comment’s on here would be a pleasure to see if this really work for me, to get my life in order and meeting someone. This would be great have more energy to spend with my daughter more and fit in my clothe’s better, So please help me have a better health and enjoy life with my family and friends.

Mayra says:

I have always had a hard time loosing weight as far back as i could remember. I am currently eating healtier and if i am able to get raspberry ketones it will help me with my diet. I have tried everthing possible to shed off the extra pounds; however, nothing seems to work for me. If i do get a chance to try these supplements out it would be truly a blessing to have another chance to loose this weight by combinding them with what i am already doing.

vijay l gupta says:

H i,
I would like to take part in this contest because i have heard about RK in tv shows and saw on internet too.I myself trying to loose weight but not able to do so.All i can say i eat very carefully and very healthy food, never have eaten any junk food for years.
Also i do exercises every day for 2.5 hours.After doing so much affert nothing seems to be working so i think Rk will be a big help for me to achive my goal.
Vijay l Gupta

Selina says:

Hi, I’ve always been a skeptic when it comes to diet pills, weight loss programs and exercise contraptions on TV. They always seem to show the skinny person without showing how heavy the person was before or from the beginning point to the end point of weight loss, so it seems fake. I am nearly 50 and for the past 12 years, I’ve been fighting the battle of the bulge. You wouldn’t know it, but I am now over 200 and it’s not nice. One day I just stop dancing and picked up so much weight, I became ill with high blood pressure and now diabetes type 2. I’ve become depressed and not a nice person ever since. I guess it’s because my self image isn’t what it use to be. I’d love to take a leap of faith and win a 3 month supply to help get my life back in order. I want to be around for a long time and I just need a little motivation and support. My funds are a little low so right now I can’t afford a full 3 month supply, but would like the opportunity to see if this product could help. I found out about it viewing Dr. Oz today. (3/28/12)
If I win, I will be greatly appreciative.

Clare Barbee says:

I would like to win the Raspberry Ketone because my health has prevented me the luxury to exercise. I have had rheumatoid arthritis 34 years & peripheral neuropathy for 5 years. These diseases has limited my abilities to walk, therefore the inactivity just adds the pounds on. Dieting without exercise is very discouraging. I am 216 lbs now with no hope in sight. I learned about Raspberry Ketone on Dr. Oz today. Thank you.

Selina says:

Hi, I’ve always been a skeptic when it comes to diet pills, weight loss programs and exercise contraptions on tv. They always seem to show the skinny person without showing how heavy the person was before or from the beginning point to the end point of weight loss, so it seems fake. I am nearly 50 and for the past 12 years, I’ve been fighting the battle of the bulge. One day I just stop dancing and picked up so much weight, I became ill with high blood pressure and now diabetes type 2. I’ve become depressed and not a nice person ever since. I guess it’s because my self image isn’t what it use to be. I’d love to take a leap of faith and win a 3 month supply to help get my life back in order. I want to be around for a long time and I just need a little modivation and support. My funds are a little low so right now I can’t afford a full 3 month supply, but would like the opportunity to see if this product could help. I found out about it viewing Dr. Oz today. (3/28/12)
If I win, I will be greatly appreciative.

rebeka deleon says:

i think i desrve to win because my husband just texted me about wanting to buy this. so i look it up and found this giveaway! would love to get it for free since we are low on money. we both need to lose weight but him more than me and this would be lovely for both of us! 🙂

mary says:

my problem has always been my belly. i walked 5km daily from monday to friday, drinks lots of water and have changed my diet, but yet i still look like an egg on legs! i am in my mid 40;s and i watch dr. oz daily, and today i saw the 5 different types of bodies, and im the one who has the belly, and skinny legs!!!i even purchased vitamin b’s to help with my metabolism, read and purchased what foods are good to lose your belly, but yet i still have a belly!!! i saw this product and hurried to scribbled it down and definetely want to try it!!!my goal is lose and keep off this belly!!!

Stephanie says:

I would love to win this contest because there are so many thing going wrong in my life right now and I think I know Igbo lost some weight I could change a whole lot of things being with my self confidence and self esteem which will help me be more confident in changing everything else and I know raspberry ketone pure will help me achieve more then my weigh loss goal so please choose me

Cora says:

Wanting to enter the contest. I’ve recently lost 28lbs and still need to lose 25-30more. I started at 196 and am down to 173 It’s been a long haul. Would love to try something that can help boost my metabolism and help get this weight off by summer! I have been doing a low carb high protein diet along with exercise since Dec. So if if I get chosen I would be so very appreciative 🙂

violet says:

I turned 42 yesterday, and II am determineo to lose the 15 lbs. I have gained over the past 7noon years. I have been nominated for nurse of the year in a very large district, and I want to look and feel great at the awards ceremony in a little over a month. I know what I need to do, but I really want to try the raspberry ketone to finally achieve the wt.loss I have hoped for these past few years.

wendy mcknight says:

I am a 47 year old women that loves being active in my life. In the last 7 years I have gained 80 lbs. and I know I have a steep hill to climb to get back to my goal weight. The problem is that I keep putting it off. I need a healthy boost like the Raspberry Ketones Pure. I have reorganized my basesment into a work out area like it once was and started planning a proper eating plan. I honestly obsess about my weight and my body 24-7 but need that kick to get me going on the right track. I know and understand that this needs to be a life choice and not just a quick fix… I am determined as I have done it before so I am confident I can do it forever. Here’s to health and happiness once again.

shelly says:

i am in my mid fifties and am finding it harder and harder to lose my weight. I eat well and try to exercise but as my age continues to move forward i feel i am moving backward. The interesting facts about the raspberry ketone makes it a natural, healthy choice. i hope you will consider someone from an older age group for your free contest offer.

Lois says:

At age 71 I am really disappointed in the amount of weight I have gained. The times I have tried to get rid of all the fat and Instead the scale shows more weight gain keep me discouraged. The cost of diets & supplements are prohibitive. Sometimes I think the cost of food itself would make me lose weight but somehow it doesn’t. Please consider me for the free bottle of Raspberry Ketone Pure.

SAM says:

i deserve to win because I LIKE TO LOOSE 60 LBS

james says:

after geting getting sick from mold exposure that scard my lungs and coused my body not to tell my hart to beat thank god for the pasemaker and defibulater. it is hard to get aroung an play with my children ages 6 and 2 .it would be great to lose the extra pounds so i be like all the other fathers

Laurelle says:

I think I deserve to win because after having my baby over a year ago, I am still struggling to lose the baby weight. I am working out 2-3 times a week, 2 hours each time at a workout facility and then doing more exercises at home on my own. I have changed my eating and have tried a few different supplements. I gained 35 lbs with my son (was over my desired weight when I got pregnant) and have only lost 20 lbs. I have 15 more to go and then I want to drop another 15. Thanks for the opportunity to win this!

Deborah says:

Hi am a 58 grandmother who is at her wits end and the weight I have gotten up to. I have never been this heavy (180) and no matter what just can not get it off. HELP!!! I watched the Dr. Oz show and am so excited to try Raspberry Ketone and hope it works as well as it sounds. I also have a daughter who is overweight and this would make both of us extremely happy. Please pick us.

Kenneth Jones says:

I am 5′ 9″ and I am 311 pounds. My age is 56 years old and I work in the oil field. It is hard to do this kind of work when you body will not let you. Tryed all kinds of diets and they don’t work. Need something that will like the Raspberry Ketone.

Mary says:

Hi, i think that I should win because I am 59 years young, I had my thyroid removed about 12 years ago, now I have Hypothyrodism I will have to take synthroid for the rest of my life. Additionally, I am pre diabetic which is controled with diet and exercise, loosing weigth is still very hard. I have no other health problems, no HTN, no heart disease,etc..Other than my synthroid I only take calcium, E, D and B12. I consider myself to be in good health. Since Raspberry Ketone is all natural I am not concerned about drug interaction. I hope you consider me as one of the winners.

helen says:

i will be 63 tomorrow iknow everyone here deserves to win but i would like the help i need to lose a 100 lbs. i have lost 30 lbs.the last 6 mos. do not know why i have never been able to lose and tried every kind of diet i have hypothyroid hpback problems cf i am dn social security i have no extra money for anything but if i could win it would give me awhile to save upto get more if it works and ipray that it does this would help alot of people thank you God bless you for tryig to help people

zara hachem says:

The reason I believe that I deserve to win this prize is because I have been constantly fighting with my weight ever since I was very young. I grew up being bullied because of my weight and I finally want to be able to breathe and not have to worry about how I look at every second of the day or how others see me and what they think of me. I have been on a diet and I exercise four days a week for 3 months now and I have only lost a very minimal amount of weight so this is my chance to turn my life around and to not be afraid of the scale and taking pictures.

Marie says:

I would like to be choosen for your free bottle of raspberry ketones. Over the last past 10 years I have been trying to lose weight due to my bad knees. I’ve tried dieting and would lose some weight but gain back double. I seem to be gaining weight each year and can’t seem to get it off and keep it off and it gets harder each year. I was watching Dr Oz and hoping i could try it to see if it can help me. Thank you and i will look forward to hearing from you.

susan says:

Hi my name is Susan I have just started losing weight. I am eating healthy and using raspberry ketones. I hope to lose 30+ pounds. I would like to win or be chosen so I can share my story with others and encourage others to lose weight.

Suzanne says:

Hi, I would love to try your product. I have been obese my whole life. Please give me a chance to lose this weight and make you shine very bright!

Peggy says:

Hi RK, I’ve never enter any contest because I’ve never win. So I just saw this on a repeat with Dr. Oz about this product. Over two years ago I lost 70 lbs then I got into accident and I’m still recovering from it and have gained most of my weight back. Would like to try this but because of the accident I haven’t work or have any extra money coming in. I’ve been looking for a good product to help with the process of losing my weight. I want to lose the weight to make sure I don’t have any health problems as I get older. Thanks!! Please help me..

Jurhee says:

Like everybody else, I need to lose a few pounds. I have struggled with my weight all my adult life. Basically, if I am not trying to lose, I am gaining. I just turned 70 so I don’t expect to be a the size I was at age 18. I just want to be healthy and look good. Being on a fixed/limited income, trying different diets/supplements puts a strain on the budget. I plan on ordering and giving the product a try! A free bottle or two (or 3) would certainly be appreciated.

susan says:

I am trying to lose weight. I have just started eating healthy and I think that using raspberry ketones will help me lose the 30+ unwanted pounds and also help me to feel better. I would like to win or be chosen so I can share my story with others. Maybe someone else will be encouraged to lose weight.

Leighann Holdzkom says:

Hello , I’m a 25 year old proud single mother of a beautiful baby girl . Previous to giving birth I was a proud 130 pounds , today …… ehh not so much . I have been working out as much as possible and making smart eating choices. But between work and a shortage of time and money I seem to be at a stand still.I honestly need a helping hand in this weight loss battle and I’m hoping to find that in Rasberry ketones . Although inner beauty is most important in life, reaching my weight loss goal would give me extra confidence to face the world and make the best life possible for my daughter and I , as well as fit into my favorite jeans again !!! please help !!

Anonymous says:

Hello my name is Leighann and I’m 25 years old. I’m a proud single mother of a beautiful baby girl. Before giving birth I was a proud 130 pounds. Today… not so much. I have been working out as much as possible and making healthy eating choices, but between work and a shortage of time and money , I seem to be at a stand still. I honestly need a helping hand in this weight loss battle and I’m hoping to find that in Rasberry Ketones. Although having inner beauty is most important , reaching my weight loss goal would give me extra confidence to pursue my dreams and make the best life possible for my daughter and I, as well as fit into my favorite jeans again !!!!

S T says:

I would like to win because I have a daughter getting married soon and I need to lose about 20 lbs. I have tried other diets but they haven’t worked.

Terri says:

I lose and gain. I need something that will help me lose and maintain. I’m tired of the up and down and need energy.

CJ says:

I’m eating very healthy (whole grains, fruits, vegatables, no candy or cookies), and doing at least 1 1/2 hours of aerobic activity a day plus weight training, and still can’t loose weight.

Maria S. says:

I’m 24 weight 277 lb and I’m only 5ft 2in. ………..I just wana go back to the size 16 I
Was back febore I had my 3 kids.. I have tried many many diet plans and been
going to my local YMCA at least 4 times a week 2 hrs a day for the last 3 months,
and lost 5 lb.. gained it back on and now I’m afraid to even look.. I’m the kind
of girl that can put a smile on your face even if I cant put one on mine, but I been so
Depressed lately with my weight because of all the comments I been getting.I even
been ask how far along am I’m.. how enbarrising is that…….. I just wana do this for my
Health and because I wana be there for my kids. This would really change my life
for the better, for me and my famely…………


Karen says:

I follow a healthy diet and exercise program but find it difficult to lose weight as I age.
I was hoping that the raspberry ketones would give me the help that I need!

sanford says:

I am a 43 years old male i weigh 323 lbs and am diabetic. which my doctor thinks is weight related. i constantly stuggle with my weight pleases pick me as one of your contest winners. I truly need this to help me keep livin.

Connie Kitsch says:

I would like to try Ketone to lose the weight that I have struggled to lose for some time. I need to lose the weight for health benefits and to help with my legs. I had polio as a child and have been put back int a full leg brace and the extra weight I carry puts an additional strain on my legs and my mobility.

Melissa says:

I deserve to win this contest because I am at least 100 pounds overweight and have try so many different diets.. Nothing seems to work. I have sleep apena from my weight. I am praying for somekind of break though.

Jan says:

I have just started to lose weight but my age and the fact that I work full time make it difficult to get enough exercise. I could use a boost. I am not in a high pay bracket and the free raspberry keytone would go a long way in helping me get started on my weight loss journey. I also like the fact that Dr. Oz thinks it works.

Barbara says:

I have successfully lost 55 lbs. following Weight Watchers for 14 months. In order to stay on track, I go to a personal trainer one hour a week (it is costly but have made the commitment to stay with it).

The recent research I’ve read concerning natural Raspberry Ketones Pure suggests to me this supplement can work with my revised life style change of watching what I eat and planned exercise. I’m hopeful (if selected) to be able to continue to make life changing progress by incorporating Raspberry Ketone Pure into my daily lifestyle.

Thank you for your consideration.

Pam says:

I would love to be the winner and feel like I deserve it so I can help myself become healthier at 56! From having my first child 27 years ago while gaining 85 pounds (Oh my!) which began my roller coaster weight, my body changed significantly. Being a teacher for 30+ years, supporting a husband of 35 years who was diagnosed with MS, nursing a mom who had and recovered from breast cancer, supporting my dad who became ill and died within 9 months from heart issues, as well as the normal mom duties, I have not taken care of ME. I made a choice 8 weeks ago and joined a “Scale Back” weight loss team and have lost 20 pounds but still have a long way to go. My sweet husband bought me an elliptical so I can exercise at anytime of the day which I have made a regular part of my day! Dr. Oz has inspired me to try even harder and to be persistent! I will be do excited if you choose me so I can work on my other 50+ pounds that I’d love to lose.

Keeping my fingers crossed!

Conny says:

Well, I am a skeptic anymore. So many diet aids have been advertised on tv and radio and internet to be THE ONE, to help you shed those pounds etc.etc.,,,, so to be honest, I don’t have much faith in your product either. And only because Dr.OZ saysit helps a ton, doesn’t really mean a thing to me. In the end what one has to do, to lose weight, is exercise and reduce calorie intake. I have tried pretty much everything that is out on the market, and none of it does what it says it does when you don’t control yourself. It takes a healthy portion of self discipline to make any product work and I think this is what most of us unsuccessful dieters are lacking – self discipline. My husband wants to try this product, so I am most likely going to get it for him and I will await the results….

trish says:

I’m 56 and the mother of 8…ages 37-18. I cannot loose this stomach!! I’ve been using a weight loss product that has accai berry and raspberry ketones as an ingredient. I think using just the raspberry ketones would be more beneficial. I would love to get a supply of your product, as my husband just went back to work and I can’t afford to get any supplement until I get caught up on bills!! Please HELP!!

Karen says:

I watch Dr. Oz regularly and was very interested in his comments regarding raspberry ketones. It sounds like something that could be a big help to me in my weight loss struggles and I would appreciate the oppportunity to give it a try.

nadene says:

I would love to win the raspberry ketones contest because I am a single mother with many health issues and am having a really hard time losing my weight.My doctor wants me to lose 40 lbs due to my health .I have a 17 year old disabled daughter whom I plan on living for.I need to get the fat off so I can get my cholesterol under control,my thyroids and my aches and pains gone.So please consider me .

Karen says:

I follow a healthy diet and exercise program but find it difficult to lose weight as I age. I need that little help that raspberry ketones offers!

Alison says:

As a personal trainer, fitness instructor and avid exerciser for many years I’m struggling for the first time in my life to get the last 10 pounds off after having a baby. All the “old tricks” and pre-baby diet aren’t doing the job. I’ve tried everything traditional (diet/exercise) that I know to do. I’m hoping RaspberryKeytone is the answer I’ve been looking for. I’ve got clients in the same boat as me and it would be great to have a NATURAL, safe product to tell everyone about!

Brenda says:

I am 66 years old ,I weight 175 lbs ,4’10” .I would like to e a at healthy weight .I have 6 grandkids i wish to see grow up . I’m tired all the time. I saw Dr.OZ and I was intrigued at the product .And I really want to try it . I’m also low income so it will be difficult for me to buy this alot ,but if It really works I’ll put aside money every month to buy it .

Angela Brooks says:

My name is Angela and I am 31 yrs old. The reason I feel like I should win a bottle of Raspberry Ketones is because I have tried and tried to loose weight and nothing a pound here and there but it always returns with friends. I have dieted and exercised and dieted some more but i can never seem to loose the weight. I weigh 220 lbs and can not seem to get any weight off. I would love to be thinner and healthier and have more energy to do more things. So help a girl out and choose me……Thanks

Kim says:

My husband & I are both turning 40 this year and are making changes in our lives to lose the weight we’ve gained since getting married (we got happy, we got fat! :). This will be the boost we both need. We have already started the process by changing the way we eat & exercising, have both lost some weight and our friends are all asking how we did it. We would love to add your product to kick it into high gear! Thanks for the chance!

Chelise says:

I lost a decent amount of weight last year and this year I just keep getting pounded with more n more things… I can’t find the motivation… I just feel ugly… I’m hoping these will give me a kick start to this again.

Susanne Bobo says:

I would love to be the winner of this contest!!! Being diabetic and on insulin, it is so hard for me to loss weight, it is very frustrating.
I watched Dr. Oz today…3/28/2012. I got very excited as I am a belly fat person.
I really have issues with my stomach and would love to be the winner.
Thank you,
Kindest regards
Susanne 🙂

Daisy says:

I hope we all get healthy and I feel we all deserve to win!!!
I am going to buy this and I hope the one who needs it which we all need it Wins GOD Bless…Lets all get healthy we are all beautiful!!!

Carole says:

Please consider me as the winner of your contest. After being a heavy smoker for the past 40 years, I have finally achieved quitting. I have quit since the end of October 2011. I am very proud of myself and so is my family. I have gained quite a bit of weight since I quit smoking and I just continue to pile it on. It makes me wonder if quitting is all that it is cracked up to be. I know what you are thinking (don’t start smoking again) but I really don’t want to keep gaining this weight. It effects my breathing and my ability to play with my precious grandkids. Thank you for listening.

Tracy says:

I am a mom of 2 boys and since having my boys I am 15-20 lbs heavier than what I was before they came along. I have been eating healthy for quite some time with more activity than normal, but my weight is not budging. I have never tried this product before. It sounds VERY promising! I hope you choose me!

Charlena says:

I need to lose weight to avoid diabetes occurring in my life. I am not the type person to eat vegetables to lose weight. No sense in making up anything – just need to lose weight.

marilyn says:

I sure would like to try this product . it sounds like its affordable for someone like myself whos on a tight budget. I would like to try it and if it worked for me would recomend this product to my freinds.i need to lose over 30 pounds

Desirae says:

I would like to be considered for the free supply of Raspberry Ketones. In the last 6 years, I have struggled to lose 60lbs since giving birth to my son. I have tried every diet imaginable and have lost a few pounds here and there, but always plateau, and then get very discourage with no futher weight loss no matter how much more I try to cut back on or cut out. I am on the verge of becoming diabetic, in which I have no desire to be. I want to be able to lose the weight and enjoy being healthy again.

Thank you.

Tonya says:

I am 48 years old & I have been struggling with my weight all my life. I have been on every diet imaginable. My mother started me on diets at age 9, so I am more than familiar with them. I am continuously watching what I eat. I’m sure thats what’s keeping me from gaining all kinds of weight. I am currently 65-70 lbs overweight. I tried weightwatchers, lost 6 lbs and have hovered around that loss since January. I have bad knee, I take meds for Diabetes, Cholesteral & high blood pressure. I know weight loss will help as well as get the extra weight off my knee so I can at least walk for exercise. Please help. I have 2 younger daughters who need me to be healthy.

Laurie says:

I have been cutting back on food for weeks and haven’t lost much at all. It’s drivining me crazy. I’m 52 and am finding it very difficult to get any weight off of me. I would really like to give raspberry ketone a try. I do walk and bicycle when weather permits. Also been using the walking workout on real age website. Getting discouraged. So please pick me.

Nathalie R says:

My husband and I have tried to have children in the past two years. I am now in my early 40’s and I have maintained a weight loss of 50 pounds, but I still have another 50 to go. I really need this product because we have a very strict budjet and I gain weight so very easily.
Please, consider me. I would be greatful and I have struggled all my life.

Sincerely, Nathalie

Yvette Clark says:

I had my daughter two years ago about an hour after I had her my bpm shot up to 230 it was discovers that I had a heart condition that is made worse by physical stress it’s so hard for me to lose weight by exeraizing because I have to limit what I can. Do I eat healthy and do what I can I learned about this from my mother who suggested trying it but haven’t had the money to get it I desperately want to lose weight for my daughter so I can be healthier and more active for her.

Justin says:

I am a 27 yo male- I have always been heavy my entire life- I recently quit smoking 1 month ago- although I have been good with not eating too much extra I still feel like I put on even more weight in the last few weeks. I kicked on habbit and now I want to lose the weight. I am ready to ask my girlfriend of 2.5 years to marry me this july , I would love to have lost some weight by then and continue on with the raspberry ketones so that I can be in the best shape of my life for the wedding. I want to lose the weight not just for myself but for my girlfriend, family and friends. I want to be able to have energy everyday instead of coming home from work exhaused and eating because I am too tired to do anything else. Please help me!

Jes says:

I hope to win because i have tried everything. i’m 28 and happy with my life, career and love life. but my constant battle with weight has caused years of damage to my self esteemand personality. i have fought and i have regained my spirit, but I would like to not have to fight so hard, only 30lbs would get me to a weight i haven’t been since i was 16y/o and that would be under 200lbs. it would be a dream

Donna says:

Would love to finally find something natural that would help me with my weight loss. This sounds like something that would be a benefit to me. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, and heart disease run in my family. I need to make changes now. Thanks for considering me.

Darlene says:

I am trying “another” Raspberry Ketone” and am not sure I am getting the results that I should be getting. I would love the opportunity to try your product to be able to compare the 2. I have over 100 pounds to lose, I’m working on it by watching what I eat and doing water exercise at the YMCA. I’ve lost some weight but lordy I have a whole person to go…LOL

Terenia says:

I work in EMS and have 24 hour or longer shifts. Over the years I have gained wieght and now due to HTN and high cholesterol I am having a great diffulty dropping pounds. My mom suggested trying Raspberry Ketones and I prefer to take natural, holistic suppliments. I would love the opportunity to try your product and share my results w/ my fellow EMS/FIRE and Emergency Room Staff coworkers. Thank you for the opportunity to request. Whether I win or not I plan to try your product.

Heather says:

I really would love to be chosen and win the Raspberry Ketone Pure because I have been working very hard for the last year and 1/2 at the gym (Spinning, Bootcamp, weights, Running, Hot Yoga), really watching what I eat and eating healthy! I have reached a plateau with losing anymore weight/fat and am feeling so discouraged but I just can’t give up; I have 25 pounds I need and want to lose and Raspberry Ketone Pure would really help and push me to my potential! I have heard so much about this product and the benefits; I’ve tried to find it locally at our Health Food Stores and Vitamin Shops and have been unsuccessful. This would be a godsend for me to win this and get myself to finally start feeling good about myself. Thank you for your consideration, Heather

Bren says:

Do I deserve to win? IDk..probably everyone on this board does— I guess a combination of age and poor diet has me overweight–I am so sad. I looked at myself in a picture today and was shocked. The weight is affecting my healthand my disposition. I am out of work and feel that makes it worse. I have to watch my money and have way too much time onmy hands to eat–I walk tons each day (no car) but the weight stays on. TY for reading

Misty says:

I have tried different diet pills so many make me feel jittery and I stll feel hungry (alot). I am really geting depressed over the whole weight loss thing i want to lose it so bad but a about ready to give up.

Christina says:

I deserve to win this because I recently became a single
Mother to 1 year old baby girl. Things are really hard right now and I have almost no time to myself and very little extra money. I very obese and trying to change my lifestyle and habits to be a better role model for my daughter. I would also like to get in shape to give me more self confidence. I hope that these supplements along with a healthy diet and some exercise will help me to achieve that. Thank you for doing this give away. I really hope I win 🙂

Claudia Hernandez says:

Hi, I think I should be the winner for this contest I truly deserve to win the prize because Their some other people here that I’m glad that they are entering the contest to better themselves and change their life but I really need this. This will change my life drastically. I am a 19 year old college student. I have almost a little to no money. It would mean the world to me if I won 1st, 2nd or even 3rd place or price I should say. I have bin overweight literary my whole life and I am truly tired of it. I want to be healthy I want to be able to do certain things I want to live life the way god intended to. My current weight is 330lbs and my height is 5 foot 3. I have been trying to lose weight but I just can’t I physically can’t. But the good thing is that I want to lose it and make a better life for myself and future life. Even if I don’t win I will never give up I will keep working hard and living life healthier one step at a time. Thank you for your time and opportunity.

Claudia Hernandez = )

Erin says:

I deserve to win because no matter what I can seriosuly not stop gaining weight. I have to take medication for a condition I have which causes me to gain weight. I want to desparately lose wight. I want to have tons of energy again, and I want to feel good about my self again! I also what to take something natural that won’t effect me negatively and be bad for my body. Thank you for the opportunity to win this!!!

Eva says:

I really don’t know what to day but that I need hello losing weight. I’m not Dow what else to do, I exercise, eat within my calories…and nothing. I have tried Jenny Craig, Weight watchers, slim I’m trying to do on my own and I heard about these on Dr. Oz and I would like totry them out and boost my metabolism. Thanks!

Kimmi says:

I deserve to win because I am over 100 lbs overweight. I have severe back problems which contributed to my weight gain, and the weight gain contributes to my back pain. It is a horrible cycle I am trying to break. I can’t do many exercises so losing weight is kind of hard for me. I am diabetic, I have high blood pressure and it is hard for me to even walk and get around. I need help desperately. I have to lose this weight ASAP. When I heard about raspberry ketone, I was so happy. This would be a life saver for me. Help me, please…

David says:

I have been obese ever since i was a child.. I really want to lose weight and get slim, I’ve been trying to eat healthy, however I’m not wealthy and can’t afford to buy healthy food, supplements or a gym membership. I run and do pushup, dips on a chair and do some jumprope but i need something to help me push my self and give me a little bit of extra help. I would love to win this. I can’t afford to buy supplements at all. Even though I got a job, I never have income left to satisfy my needs. Thanks for reading this..

Charmaine Young says:

I would love to win the contest because I am in need of a natural
substance added to my healthy diet and exercise program.
I have insulin resistance and I am trying to lose weight
naturally to avoid being prescribed Metformin. My doctor
is in favor of me trying to lose weight naturally and has
given me 6 months to try it on my own. I am not looking
for a miracle pill just a natural aid to add to my healthy
diet and exercise routine. Thanks in advance for your

Amanda says:

I would LOVE to win this!!!!! I am a woman in my mid 40’s with some back problems. I can not walk any great distances for the pain that I have in my back, and with this problem, I am gaining weight (almost 90 lbs) and feel miserable, I have no energy. I have been looking for something, that would help with curbing the appetite and give me alittle pep in the little bit of walking I can do. I don’t enjoy going out in public anymore due to the weight gain, and limited amount of walking I can do. Thank you for the opportunity to try to win your product. I think the Raspberry Ketone Pure would be a great product for me to try!!!!! Once again THANK YOU for this chance to win!!!!!!

Karen says:

Hi, I would very much like to lose the excess weight I have put on. It all began in ’03 when I had a bicycle accident with my son, his pedal got stuck in my front wheel spokes and it threw me over the handlebars and I landed on the ground on the left side of my face – triple fracture, severe concussion, multiple cuts on my face, broken teeth. After reconstructive surgery I was given large amounts of steroids to help control the swelling. Had to have several CT scans. All of this has led to the beginning of my weight problem. I could not open my mouth for 6 weeks during this and still put on 15 lbs, by now I weighed about 142, I’m 5’2. The injury resulted in my left eye being slightly different than the right, most people – my family- say that you can barely tell it but I can feel it and see it myself. I have 2 titanium bands around the eye and 1 along the teeth from my nose over about 2 1/2 inches. Since then I have been diagnosed as having thyroiditis and am therefore hypothyroid. I cannot lose weight, everything I eat seems to multiply calorically, since I should only eat 1/2 of what a normal person eats to maintain my current weight I would need to cut back by 1/2 of that to lose. I have tried – just can’t make it on 1/4 of a sandwich. As for exercise, I am fairly active, at least I don’t sit much. Still I am not active enough to help me to lose any weight. I have the added obstacle of not having any energy due to the thyroid issue. I am currently taking Armour thyroid as a replacement but the Dr. can’t get the dosage stable. Also I have had to have a hysterectomy about 8 months ago. I take bio identical hormones and they help somewhat. Please chose me, I am lucky enough to have a husband that loves me but he is 7 years younger than me and I desperately want to make him ‘see’ me again. My weight has become most embarrassing to me, I am actually quite ashamed of the way I fit – or don’t fit – into any thing pretty. It is sweats for me. My current weight is 170, I know the image of anyone 5’2 and 170 is pretty – well, uhm – broad as I am long. Please help.

Patti says:

I would love to win!! I just started using RK and i lost a few pounds but have only been taking about 1 a day. I also run and do yoga so that helps. I really hope i win!

Lina says:

Hi there,

Thank you for holding such a contest for us. 1 years and 3 months ago, my husband admitted to cheating on me and is considering a divorce. He claimed that I am now very overweight and makes him feel ashamed, and most of all, no longer of value to him anymore.

It was the single most painful event of my life as this was the man I had loved for the past 14 years, giving my life to him, even agreeing not to have kids just so that he will have his way. Now, I have been working hard too at my regular sales job and trying to play a huge part in splitting our expenses … and everything came crashing down that day. It took me almost a year to get over the pain and pick myself up, but I have gained even more weight over time. I want to get my life back, be attractive again, and stand on my own two feet. I deserve better and at this age of 42, I know I still have many years ahead of me if I start to work on myself now. Hopefully, Raspberry Ketone Pure can be the product that kickstart my transformation. I will be eternally grateful 🙂

Clarence says:

We run a health and wellness business and all so often, people approach us to sell products. Raspberry ketones have caught our attention of late and we are into protocols and programmes and this could be the formula that we have been looking for to add to the protocol which consists of detoxification, niacin flushing + FIR sauna, amino acids like Carnitine, hormone regulation and a weight loss formula.

Our business registration number is 53149005J and are based in Singapore and Malaysia. If this product is shown to work for our 1st 3 overweight subjects, then we will be ordering larger quantities as time goes by.

Cheryl Lee says:

I have ballooned by 10 kilos in the past 2 years and I have gone through huge criticism, even from my own mother on a daily basis. I have been trying very hard religiously to go to the gym 3 times a week to exercise vigorously, and trying various diets, plus using stuff like HCG drops etc. Nothing has worked for me so far and I have broke down a number of times because the world seems so gloomy when you keep trying and nothing seems to work. Just a week ago, my brother told me about Raspberry Ketones which he read about after hearing Dr. Oz promote it. That got me excited again and I have a good feeling about this. However, I have been spending so much on weight loss supplements, gym sessions, dieting etc. and I am still a student … so I am hoping to win this and give it a shot … and if it works, I’ll be a walking advertisement for all and be a customer for life!

Lisa says:

I would love to be considered to win your contest..I have not been able to lose any weight,I’m disabled and need to lose over 200 lbs,my health is awful needless to say..I’m in too bad of shape to even exercise with all the health troubles I have. I can’t afford to buy your product but I would love to try it and see if it will help. Please consider me because I would love to get my life back because I barely have one now..Thank you

Sara says:


First I would like to say thank you for this opportunity to try and win a free supply of Raspberry Ketone Pure. My name is Sara and I am almost 29 years old. I am 5’5″ and as far as how much I weigh, I am too embarrassed to put it on here, but I can tell you my doctor has told me I am severely obese. I have been struggling with my weight since I was a kid in school. I was always made fun of in school because of how heavy I am. I have tried diets and programs, but when I would lose the weight, I would end up gaining all of the weight back plus extra pounds. I want to try something new and that is all natural like Raspberry Ketone Pure. I see the way people look at me and I have heard first hand how they talk about me because of how big I am. All these things just keep putting more stress on me and making me feel even worse about myself then I already do. I am trying to watch what I eat. I work as a Security Supervisor and I have to walk around alot so I get exercise that way, but I am not happy at all with how I look and how I feel. I am tired of being made fun of by the customers and tenants where I work. I want to be able to go to work and get the respect I deserve and not be made fun of because of how big I am. I am tired of feeling like there is no hope for me. With the chance to win Raspberry Ketone Pure, I will hopefully be able to get down to a healthy weight for my height. I want to have children of my own one day and to make sure I am able too, I need to lose some serious weight. I don’t want to end up turning 30 and still looking the way I do. I want to prove to myself most of all and also prove to everyone else, that I can lose weight and that I can look good. I look forward to the day that I can tell myself and everyone else that I told you so. I look forward to saying hello to the new good looking Sara and saying goodbye to the fat severely obese Sara. Again, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for considering me for the possible winner.

Bonnie says:

i am 5’3 155 lbs, when i had my baby 21months ago, i reached a whopping 200lb mark…through some hard work and exercise i have lost much of my weight, but i have been having a hard time with energy recently..and Ive plateaued.this has discouraged me so now i don’t interval exercise anymore, i go on brisks walks,i still watch my portions..and Ive quit eating chips and drinking sodas. but i am ashamed to wear a 2 piece bikini…my ideal weight is about 135 and this supplement may be what helps me get there!i would start interval training again also, i want to be able confidently wear a 2 piece this summer…that way people can stare at my stretch marks..and i can let them know i am one sexy tiger who has earned her stripes!and got her body back all with the help of raspberry ketones pure!! 🙂

Isabelle says:

My name is Isabelle. I am 135 pounds and 4 foot 9.
Yes, I am big…….
I try very hard to eat right, exercise, have a good attitude. And so on; but all this has not been helping me. I really just want to win the bottles so I can finally be normal and slim, and not have to deal with depression. But, it’s not like I’m 100 pounds over weight, so I wish good luck to all the people in this beautiful world good luck with weight loss. Hopefully you will achieve your goal soon enough. Remember, positif energy is the key. Don’t give up. Stay strong. Be strong. Live strong.

Lily says:

Hi! My name is Lily. For the past two years and more, I have been very depressed about my weight. Every night I cry my heart out wishing I was just like everybody else- for once. I try very very hard to lose weight. But I guess not hard enough, because I haven’t lost a pound. I am always told that I am okay, and I’m beautiful, but deep down I don’t feel like that. I’m 130 lbs, and short- 5 feet 1 inch. I’m embarrassed all the time.
The reason I think I should get the raspberry ketone is because I think my life would be a whole lot more relaxed, and it would help me so very much.
I hear that it helps you lots of weight, and that’s really what I need before I get a frikin heart attack with all the depression. I honestly, I’m desperate for the raspberry ketone to help, but at the same time I know that my positif attitude and will, will come a long way to the road of being slim, and being confidant in the way I am.

Debbie says:

I have been over weight for Most of my Life ..It started at age 8 i got my tonsils out and back in the time era kids stayed in the hospital for 2 days..well when i came home instead of eating icecream i ate a sandwhich and pickles …. well i grew up heavey lost my dad when i was married Had 3 girls and now i have 5 grand kids and i want to be running and playing with them and i want to prove to my self i’m not an tired ole fat person///there is Skinny me screaming to get out me///Please Pick Me I want Life to Start at 50 and not fade in to the sunset

Terri R says:

My neighbor and I have been exercising regularly, eating much healthier foods and even fixing supper together twice a week for our combined families, which is really helping to keep us on tract. She has lost 22 pounds and I have lost 15 pounds in a period of 3 months, however, we have both stalled out for the last 4 weeks. We seem to be doing all the right things, changed up our exercise routines, re-examined our diets, but still we have both hit that “plateau” stage and it is very frustrating. We need a boost! After researching the Raspberry Ketone supplement, I believe it would be just the ticket to get us over our “hump” and back on the road to our weightloss goal. Winning this contest would be a great way to really test the validity of the claims about Raspberry Ketone supplements and I am the perfect candidate as I would be using them with a healthy lifestyle that is suggested for best results! Please pick me!!!!

Heather says:

I’m twenty six years old, a mother of two, and about to enter into my first divorce. I’m restarting my life from scratch and currently living with my mother again. The first part of reinventing myself to make ME happy with who I am is to lose the weight I’ve acquired over the last ten years, stemming from my first pregnancy. I’ve tried losing weight before, flippant diets and half attempted tries at exercise, but this time I’ve somehow mustered up the courage and the self discipline to do this.

Everyone needs a little help now and again, and I’ve always had an obsession with raspberries. From lotion, to fruit flavoring, to shampoo, and body sprays, I LOVE raspberries. A friend told me about raspberry ketones, a natural remedy that’s found within raspberries themselves (though in smaller doses), that’s a great, natural weight loss aid. Currently, my only means of making money is caring for my nephew through the state, which is a mere $250/month. I do this as a favor to my sister-in-law, and until summer hits and school lets out, I’m left with minimal income.

Helping me change my life for the better, to better myself both FOR myself, and for my kids, would be phenomenal. Thank you for your consideration. ^^

Raquel says:

I wanted to say that I deserve to win, as a matter of fact everybody that wrote here needs it as much as I need.

I’m not actually trying to win the prize for me, I wanted to win it for my father that is over weight since I was a child and because of that now he is having some health issues. I just keep thinking I have to do something, I must find a way to help him out because I can’t live in a world without him, he is the most important person in my life and because of that HE deserves it.

But I’m sure the winner will be somebody that really needs as well, so be it and I wish plenty of happiness for everybody trying to lose weight.

vanessa says:

****I would love to win this contest because i am young mother who is on a diet and exercises i still carry that baby fat from having a baby.also my metabolism is sooo slow and it takes a long time to lose weight for me and so easy to gain it. i want to try this supplement and see if it really works and if so i have friends and family i will recommend it too.And also buy as gifts so pick me PLEASE!!!!!!!!!*******

JAN says:

Hi and first off I just want to take a minute to thank you for this contest for a chance to win your product. So here is why I would like to win. First I have been laid off since November and money to spend on any extras is hard to come by right now. Second I have tried EVERY diet out there and I have been dieting all winter with barely any success. a big 6 pounds is all I have lost. Third, and the most important reason for me is this, I have got to find a way to shed some weight buy August as that is when my Daughters wedding is. I will be devastated if I am a fat Mother Of The Bride on her special day. I can’t bare the thought of being fat in all of her wedding photos. So there you have it. I would be very grateful for any extra help I can get.

Anna says:

I am 31 and have had an unfortunate past year. After finishing 8 months of physiotherapy because of a partially herniated disc in my back, I was rear ended at a stoplight by two cars. This resulted in 5 more months of physiotherapy, with much limited mobility. As a result of 13 months of physiotherapy, which mainly consisted of gaining mobility in my back, I haven’t been as active as I would have liked to have been, and I am at my heaviest. Now that I’ve finished my treatments and am relatively pain-free, I would love to have the assistance of your product to help me get back to a healthier weight.
Thank you so much for considering me!

karen says:

I am 54 years old and have struggled with weight for the last 25 years. I am finally losing by attending weight watchers. I really want to try your product to boost my efforts and reach my goal. Thanks so much for this opportunity.

Marta says:

I’m looking for natural weightloss supplement that will allow me to lose 40 lbs. I am one of those “stress” eaters and I have struggled with weightloss for a long time. I have tried many products in the market only to be disappointed later. I’m interested in trying RK because they are natural with no stimulants and hopefully won’t affect my BP medication and provide much needed energy throughout the day. Please help my dreams come true and select me for a free bottle of RK. I will be forever grateful!!

Marilynn says:

I would love to win this because I have tried everything. I even tried running for 45 minutes a day and lost about 10 pounds if that. Im only 21 and getting married next year and the dress i want only comes in sizes up to 16 and currently im a size 20. It would be a great wedding present 🙂

Marcy says:

My position at work was recently eliminated. I’d love to feel better and look better as I start the job hunting/interviewing process!

Kim says:

I would love to win free ketone I have been struggling with my weight for a long time, now a gramma I want to live a very very long time and be able to be active with my grandchildren. I started taking the ketone a week ago and have found it great, when nothing else would work. I have told all my friends about it and I have alot of them taking it now too.

Tammy says:

I would love to win to see if this is the product that will help me be in the best shape of my life. I just recently started weight training and walking for exercise. I also have thyroid issues and it makes it even harder for me to lose weight. This is the beginning of my new lifestyle changes to be in the best shape of my life.

Marion says:

Hello team. I am a military veteran who incurred a back injury on active duty. Since I was honorably discharged from active duty I have tried many different types of diets and none has helped on a consistent basis. Every since I seen this product featured the Dr. Oz, I have been interested in trying this product and potentially giving soldiers an all natural alternative to helping them maintain and reduce weight and most importantly body fat. Thanks for giving people a chance to own a supply of this product for free.

Lele says:

Hi i would appreciate the chance to try your product if it can help me out because it seems as if i have been stuck where am at for so long that am willing to try anything healthy to finish my weight loss journey i have lost about 100 pounds so far and have just plateau at these last 26-36 pounds and they just wont leave and i honestly would like to be at least almost there by summer cause for the first time i would like to enjoy the beach and my body.

Heather says:

I would like to win the three month supply to help me get back into shape and help with all of my medical issues due to my weight. In 1998 I was in an accident while serving in the military and it messed up my back really bad. I went from 146 lbs to 270. Between then and now I tried everything out there for weight loss and nothing has helped. About two years ago I started walking and lost 40 lbs but for the last 4 months nothing. I am now back to 240 and need help. This would turn my life around if I could start losing the weight again.
Thank you so much for you time and consideration!

Carol says:

I believe that I deserve to win because I need help to lose 15 lbs. I have family reunions this summer but most of all I have to help my husband plan the 75th anniversary celebration for ou family business and I want to have lots of energy and look good, too. Recently I have looked at pictures and notice that I have this roll around the middle that needs to go away. My family expects me to take care of them and I feel that I am letting them down. Thank you for your help, I have just started taking the product.

Eileen says:

I am just on my first month of Raspberry Ketone and have already noticed a difference. I’m feeling better and have noticed I have more energy. And though, I’m anxious to lose alot of weight, I’m thankful that I’ve started losing at a slow pace because it seems that when you try weight loss plans you lose fast and once you stop the weight loss plan you seem to gain your weight back. Raspberry Ketone is easy to remember to take and has helped me to eat less at meals and I don’t have the urge to snack throughout the day. Thank you for such a wonderful product.

jennifer says:

I have a lot of stomach issues and cannot use just any dietary supplement. I am currently taking raspberry ketone for weight loss so that i can fit into my summer clothes again. I have always had an issue with weight and have never found anything quite like this to help me on my way to loosing the weight i want to loose. I am starting to be able to walk farther and my daughter runs in track and would like me to be able to run with her. I am hoping this will help me do just that.

april says:

i deserve to win because i have started on RK and i have lost 19 lbs in two weeks.
i am recently disabled and have no income, i have 100 lbs to lose.
i also have serious health issues that are due to my weight

Kalie says:

I have tried too many diets plans, exercise plans, etc. to count and I just want to put my faith in this. It’s not that I don’t eat healthy nor is it the fact that I hate exercising; it’s every time that I begin a plan, I “count my chickens before they hatch” and I fall off and get lazy. I just need a jump start. I need something to keep me motivated and after watching The Dr. Oz Show, I knew this product could help me do that. I am absolutely tired of looking plump, but I’m so depressed and haven’t ran in so long, that there’s no way I can push myself, or gain enough confidence, to do it on my own.

marcia says:

i deserve to win cuz im in major need to lose weight and im at my last straw NOTHING ELSE IS WORKING

Steve says:

I have been taking raspberry ketone for a month now. I have seen pretty good results. I have been feeling better and been slimming up a little by little. I lead a busy life and need the help to lose some extra weight. I love to feel good and love to feel the feeling of losing weight. Please choose me I would love the extra raspberry help. Thank you raspberry ketones for improving me please help me to improve more.

Nini says:

I’ve been trying to lose the last 8 pounds and nothing has helped not diets not walking and it’s so depressing when I’m about to get dressed and nothing fits, I refuse to but bigger clothes, and this is why I should get it, I’ve heard alot about this product so I want to try it out myself

Lindsay says:

I am super skeptical of diet supplements. I bought some on the Internet from a random website a few months ago, and they turned out to be nothing but Made in China crap from some random website.

My roommate Nicole’s boyfriend tried raspberry ketone pure and it helped him a ton. I asked him where he got it, and he told me about this contest… I’d love to try your product because now my roommate Nicole is telling me SHE’s using it and it’s helping her a lot!

Jon says:

8 Weeks Ago = My weight was 290 pounds
Today = My weight is at 277 pounds and I’m super excited about my progress for the first time in a LONG time.

please consider me for your contest. I’d love some more RK Pure to give to some of my buddies.

-Jon F.

Marina Solares says:


Linda says:

hello team at Raspberry Ketone Pure! i would LOVE to win a free supply of Raspberry Ketone Pure! I am the proud owner of a 3 month supply right now, and in the two weeks I can tell that Raspberry Ketone Pure has already kicked in and is helping me lose weight. I would love another few months so that I can hit my target goal of 120.

Dwight says:

I have been trying so many different diets – juicing, SlimFast, protein shakes, HGH, you name it. I haven’t been able to find anything that is sustainable…Until now. One of my best friends, Jeffrey just bought a 6 month supply a little over a month ago. I have never seen him more energetic, not to mention I can already see in his face that he’s lost some fat! I NEED the same results, and am willing to do the work necessary to get it… I am more confident than ever that Raspberry Ketone Pure is just the metabolism booster I need to help my health. God bless you and your team!

DrewMoney says:

I deserve to win the prize and contest because I am at a weight loss plateau, and cannot get past it. I am stuck at a weight that I hate being at, and am at a true crossroads. Please help me take a turn in the right direction, and give me that push I need to change my life forever thanks to Raspberry Ketone Pure.

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