Obesity Trends From 1985-2010

by Raspberry Ketone on March 17, 2012

In the last 20 years, the United States has seen a MASSIVE influx in obesity. Over 1/3 of Americans are obese – the latest stats from 2010 show that no state has an obesity rate lower than 20%, 36 states have a rate of 25% or more and 12 of those have a rate of 30%+.

The following maps from the CDC show the rapid increase in obesity over the last 20 years:

As you can see, the obesity epidemic is spiraling out of control. This can lead to numerous health problems such as Diabetes and Heart Disease. Raspberry Ketones can help you burn fat and lose unhealthy weight to help you live a longer, healthier life. Try Raspberry Ketone Pure risk free for 60 days. 

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valarie casto says:

I have a beautiful 16 year old daughter who has extremely poor self esteem. She wanted me to give her diet pills and I refused due to side effects. I walk with her daily and try to cook healthy for her. I was watching the show and found myself completly thrilled that this is safe..natural and could give my daughter the self esteem she deserves to have.

Jennifer says:

I am 46 years old, morbidly obese and am caring for my husband who has just suffered a heart attack and endured 5 bypass. I need to be here for him but can’t if I don’t get my weight under control. I’ve tried everything!

Sue says:

I am trying to eat healthy and take raspberry ketones so I am not in one of these percentages 🙂

Anthony says:

Wow, pretty scary, everyone is going to have diabetes in the next decade.

Maria says:

The number of vegrwoieht children and adolescents in America has nearly doubled in the last two decades, due in part to the overwhelming amount of advertising aimed at young people. Children between the ages of eight and twelve are exposed to more advertising now than ever before more than 40,000 advertisements a year. More than 75% of all advertising directed towards kids and teens promotes unhealthy and sugary foods. Americans have just recently begun to take notice of the problem, and now think that the government should respond more effectively to the increasing problem of childhood and adolescent obesity. Studies have shown that banning this kind of advertising could reduce the childhood obesity rate by 18%, but the government is concerned about issues of censorship.Companies such as Disney and Sesame Workshop and even some food companies themselves are picking up where the government’s initiatives leave off. Not only are they promoting exercise as a way to avoid obesity, but they are also encouraging kids and teens to eat healthier foods, and educating parents on the link between food advertising and childhood obesity.DEAR STUDENT:This passage is really three paragraphs, because of the three different topics you cover. I made a few changes in wording in an otherwise fine piece of writing.You’re right about the ending, but not exactly because you need to say more. The problem is that the passage trickles out into a weak and rather dull ending. It doesn’t really end so much as just run out of steam and stop. I think you should try to find something strong to say at the end maybe what is termed the call to action in essays that are meant to persuade? Maybe you have a good quote about what will happen in the future if this goes on? Or maybe just a restatement of your thesis in different words: No one solution will provide a complete remedy for the growing problem of obesity in American young people. But government control over ads for unhealthful products aimed at children will be a step in the right direction.

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