Raspberry Ketone and Weight Loss

by Raspberry Ketone on October 10, 2012

If you pay any attention to diet trends whatsoever, then chances are you have recently heard of something called raspberry ketone. It’s the latest big weight loss product to hit the shelves and demand for raspberry ketone supplements is incredibly high at the moment.  However, unless you regularly watch Dr. Oz, you probably don’t know much more about raspberry ketone other than its supposed weight loss abilities. So what is raspberry ketone and how does it cause weight loss?

First, raspberry ketone is a naturally occurring phenol found in red raspberries. Raspberry ketone is what gives red raspberries the sweet smell and red coloring. This is why raspberry ketone is often used for food coloring in food processing. There is only a very small amount of raspberry ketone in red raspberries. For example, it would take about 100lbs. of red raspberries to extract 100mgs of raspberry ketone.

While we’ve already discussed the use of raspberry ketone for food coloring, it is also now used as a weight loss supplement. So how does raspberry ketone cause weight loss?

First, according to a study, raspberry ketone alters a brain chemical called norepinephrine. This chemical has many uses, one of which includes controlling fat absorption and burning. By stimulating this brain chemical, researchers found that raspberry ketone was effectively able to cause fatty acids to leave fat cells, which could be burned off for energy.

It should be noted that raspberry ketone did not alter the levels of norepinephrine. Instead, raspberry ketone improved the ability of norepinephrine in burning fat storages.

Second, in a more recent study, raspberry ketone was found to raise adiponectin levels in the body, which improves the sensitivity of insulin, among other things. This is why Dr. Oz and guest Lisa Lynn said that adiponectin was a hormone that “tricks the body into thinking it is thin.”

Essentially, adiponectin helps to stimulate the body’s metabolism. This is why thin people naturally have higher adiponectin levels. By raising these levels, raspberry ketone helps your liver metabolize fat at a faster, more efficient rate – thus facilitating weight loss.

Third and finally, raspberry ketone is very similar in structure to capsaicin, a known metabolism booster. This is another reason why many doctors and weight loss experts initially theorized that raspberry ketone could be a potential weight loss product that actually works. Obviously now, we see that raspberry ketone can effectively cause weight loss through the testimony of real users online and on The Dr. Oz Show.

So how much weight can I lose with raspberry ketone?

The answer to this question is very complex and does rely on a few things. Obviously, the healthier you eat, the more weight you will lose. Eating fast food three times a day isn’t going to help you lose weight, regardless of how many diet products you take.

Second, exercise can further help your body’s metabolism and lifting weights will help you build muscle. Since muscle burns more calories than fat per day, your body will continue to naturally burn more calories every single day.

Finally, how much weight you will lose depends on how much weight you need to lose. A person who only needs to lose 20 pounds will not lose weight as fast as someone who needs to lose 100. That is just how the body works. However, with that being said, people report weight loss rates of 1-3 pounds per week, and sometimes even more, depending on the three factors mentioned above.

Raspberry ketone can and will help you lose weight. If you’re struggling to lose weight or want to jumpstart your weight loss, raspberry ketone may be just the product you need. We recommend you check out Raspberry Ketone Pure, our top rated raspberry ketone product on the market.

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