Raspberry Ketone Benefits

by Raspberry Ketone on March 6, 2012

Raspberry ketones benefits
have been in the limelight lately as discussion of this health supplement has appeared on various trusted sources, such as the Dr. Oz Show. Raspberry ketone is a naturally occurring compound found in raspberries and is actually the aroma causing agent that is found in this fruit. In molecular structure and properties, it is similar to capsaicin, the aroma causing agent in red peppers. Additionally, many of the health benefits between the two agents are similar as well.

Raspberry ketone is used in perfumery, cosmetics and also as a food additive that will give the product a fruity smell. Raspberry ketones are created naturally in raspberries, but in very tiny amounts, so the quantities that can be extracted from the fruit are nowhere near enough to supply the industry demand for the ketone. It is one of the most expensive compounds in the world as well, costing anywhere up to $20,000/kg.

The compound can be synthesized using artificial processes as well and this is where the main supply comes from. It is used in various supplements and diet products as well in its purest form as it has several health benefits related to weight loss.

What are the main benefits?

Raspberry ketone benefits are specifically related to fat loss and general health. In some tests on laboratory mice who were fed a high fat diet, use of the ketone in various amounts in their diets gave enough data to show that the ketone has the ability to prevent some of the weight gain associated with a high fat diet. The reason for this put forward by the scientists who did the study was that the raspberry ketone has the ability to make changes to body-fat metabolism — in essence, it increases the speed at which body fat (white adipose deposits) is burned off for energy.

When combined with a healthy diet and an active lifestyle, raspberry ketone has the ability to increase the effect of a diet whether it’s for weight loss or for getting fit.

Why lose weight?

over weight personThe CDC estimates that some 40% of Americans are overweight or obese.

There are also many increases in a variety of diseases and conditions associated with an unbalanced metabolism, such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, atherosclerosis and pancreatic disorders. It has been suggested that this type of problem has arisen because of a combination of a changing national diet to unhealthier options such as fast food instead of home cooking and also because of a more sedentary lifestyle, as opposed to a previously active one.

The good news is that no matter your current state of health (or lack of) it is relatively simple to very quickly reverse negative effects just by becoming more active and by switching to a healthier diet.

How do raspberry ketones fit into this?

Raspberry ketones general benefits are varied, but probably one of the main ones is that it can prohibit excessive weight gain by increasing the speed at which fat is metabolized in the body. Adding a daily portion of a raspberry ketone supplement to your diet will allow you to take just another of the many steps that will help you to improve your health. Even if this is just one of the small, but numerous steps that you take to improve your health, it will all add up in the end and contribute to your overall health and well being.

What are people saying about raspberry ketone benefits?

While no conclusive tests have been done on human subjects in a laboratory setting the way raspberry ketone has been tested on mice, many people confirm that it has a great effect on their weight loss and overall well being as well. People who use raspberry ketone have testified that it helped them to lose significant amounts of weight, without any real side effects.

It should not be surprising that there are no real side effects to using raspberry ketone, as the product is all natural. Even if it is synthesized in a laboratory, raspberry ketone benefits are significant enough to make people pay attention and to make them an important addition to any health diet designed for weight loss.


Laticia Taylor says:

Is raspberry ketone safe for children. i have an obese son. He should be around 100 lbs but weighs 165. It says that it curbs the appetite and he always wanting to eat. Since it’s pure, can he take it?

Raspberry Ketone says:

We cant recommend a supplement for anyone under 18, that may be something to ask your doctor about.

Amy Elliott says:

I had back surgery 2 years ago this June. Since that time, I have not been able to do much of anything. Now, I’m heavier than I have ever been in my life and want to start getting my life back. I feel that if I have these Raspberry Ketones to take to get started, I would be able to lose weight and start feeling better about myself. I need to lose every bit of around 50 pounds to get where I need to be. Sometimes, I feel that life is not worth my living because of the things I am not able to do because of my weight. Please help!!!!!

Patricia Mathis says:

I have struggled with excess belly fat for years.
I have tried many different weight loss diets with no results.
I am tired of having grown children and looking
as if I am still pregnant and weighing more now
then I did when I was pregnant with my children.
I seen rasberry ketone on dr oz and would love
to lose between 20 to 30 pounds not just to
have more energy but to help avoid some of
the health issues that my family has and a lot
is due to being over weight.

Marie Hornbaker says:

I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis and am unable to exercise normally. Therefore I have put on 20 extra lbs and I can’t get it off. Dr says that the more weight I gain the harder it is for me to walk.(I can hardly walk now) I do not over eat but with no way to exercise the weight just gets worse. It would be so wonderful to win this product. Thank You

Victoria says:

In Oct. 2012, I was diagnosed with a rare disease and underwent 3 months of chemotherapy and prednisone. This treatment made me worse and has left me with a 20 lb weight gain. I do not have a large appetite so feel treatment has left a negative effect on my metobolism. Feel this product will help me and winning would be a Godsend as I have been unemployed due to my disease. Thank you!!!!

Linda Zeitler says:

I need to lose weight in my stomach especially and hope this will help,
I am diabetic and it is hard to lose weight. I need this miracle in a bottle!

gail gullett says:

it read on the bottle that if you take high blood,dietbeta,thoroid,are probiems like this not to take. the dr said he never heard of this. is this dangous. i ordered 2 bottles was 47.00 dollars now i’m concerned if i should take it. please i need to know. thanks so much gail

Raspberry Ketone says:

Raspberry ketones are known to be safe, but that is a question for a doctor.

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