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by Raspberry Ketone on February 14, 2012

Roughly a week ago Dr. Oz changed the health world by informing everybody of a powerful compound called raspberry ketone. Since then, the hype surrounding raspberry ketone has exploded and many people are wondering whether or not it is safe. This comes as no surprised, considering most people probably had no idea raspberry ketone even existed before Dr. Oz mentioned it.

Status With the FDA

When evaluating anything related to a drug or substance, the FDA will generally have information about it. According to the FDA, raspberry ketone was granted a GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) status in 1965. Raspberry ketone still has this status as of today, which is a positive sign.

The FDA considers chemically engineered raspberry ketone safe as well. While most products will contain natural raspberry ketone, some manufacturers use a blend because natural raspberry ketone is so expensive. Regardless, if a product has natural raspberry ketone it is likely safe, and free of side effects when taken in the proper dose.

Raspberry Ketone Uses

Raspberry ketone is only now being used as a weight loss supplement. However, it has been used as a health supplement for a long period of time because raspberry ketone has a high level of antioxidants. Antioxidants are molecules that remove free radicals from the body, which slow down the body’s metabolism and other internal processes. In other words, antioxidants boost the body’s immune system.

Side Effects of Raspberry Ketone

The tell-tale sign of whether a product is safe or not is whether or not users experience side effects and how severe those side effects may be. The good news is: raspberry ketone has no known negative side effects. Almost nobody has reported a negative side effect, albeit allergic reactions from the microscopic number of people who used the product despite having an allergy could occur.

The only “side effects” of raspberry ketone were actually those of a positive nature. Just about every user of raspberry ketone reported an increase in energy, improved focus and concentration, a higher level of stamina, and of course a higher rate of weight loss.

Raspberry Ketone Diet Supplements

While raspberry ketone is safe in itself, most diet products do not just contain raspberry ketone. Therefore, it can be difficult to determine whether or not the product is safe. Common substances added to raspberry ketone include: African
Mango extract, Acai berry extract, and green tea extract. These substances are also safe to use and will further boost your weight loss.

Substances you should look out for include guarana and ephedra. Both of these stimulants have negative effects on the body if too much is taken at once. Plus, these two substances have been linked to numerous health effects and are often responsible for giving users the jittery feeling.


So with all this information in front of us, it absolutely makes sense. Raspberry ketone supplements are safe for people to use to achieve weight loss. The powerful properties in raspberry ketone make it a terrific weight loss supplement for almost anybody to use. Do not wait any longer – start losing weight today with raspberry ketone!

Thoughts or questions?

GOLD223 says:

Please answer the question that was asked after you stop taking Raspberry Ketones will you gain the weight back you have lost and more?

Raspberry Ketone says:

Raspberry ketone is a supplement, so it will assit you in losing weight, keeping it off is up to your diet and exercise.

Franken Harpo says:

Thank goodness!

Kris says:

If you take raspberry keytone does it raise your blood sugar levels?

Caroline says:

Please ask your doctor

Lillie Owen says:

I, too have a low thyroid for which I take Synthroid. Would this be an issue? Please answer as I will not see my Doctor until May.

Twigirl says:

I also would like to know if Raspberry Ketones are safe with a thyroid issue…. please answer. Thanks!

Krish says:

I would like a answer to sharons question!!!! I have a thyroid problem.

eva says:

is it safe to take raspberry ketones while breastfeeding…..

Raspberry Ketone says:

No, you should not take any supplement unless your doctor recommends it while pregnant or nursing.

Sharon says:

I heard not to take if you have thyroid issues

john says:

Does raspberry ketones raise ones blood pressure?

Raspberry Ketone says:

Hi, raspberry ketones should not raise your blood pressure.

Mary says:

Is it safe to take Raspberry Ketone along with 7-Keto?

Raspberry Ketone says:

Hi, it shouldn’t ben an issue to use both supplements if you have no other health issues.

Norma Jean says:

Hello, is Raspberry Ketones 250mg by Superior Nutraceuticals a good brand and safe?

jellybean says:

if there is no side effects in takinng raspberry ketones, then why wouldnt it be safe for diabetics to take it?

raspberry-ketone says:

It is always best to consult a doctor if you have health conditions before taking any supplement.

Judy says:

What’s the most effective dose for weight loss. The product I purchased Swanson ( Razberi-K it recommends 100 mg ? Do you think it’s o.k. to take green tea with this.

Anonymous says:

What brand can you recommend?

raspberry-ketone says:

We recommend Raspberry Ketone Pure

sue says:

I ordered them and received 500mg is that safe?

raspberry-ketone says:

What brand did you order?

Laurie says:

Are there any reports of interaction with anti depressants?

Thank you.

raspberry-ketone says:

I dont know of any reports but it may be something you want to talk to your doctor about.

Lillian says:

I have hypertension and a pituitary tumor, I take several meds throughout the day and i work out and watch what i eat, my question is this safe to use with my current health issues and also is it true that if i quit taking it that i will gain all the weight back and then some

raspberry-ketone says:

HI, it would be a good idea to ask your doctor before taking any supplements.

Bette Price says:

Will this supplement have any adverse reactions to individuals taking high blood and cholesterol medication

raspberry-ketone says:

Hi, it is a good idea to consult your doctor before taking any supplements.

carla says:

Does Raspvberry ketone supplements have iodine in them?

raspberry-ketone says:

Hello, as far as I know it does not have iodine, but it can depend on the brand, Raspberry Ketone Pure does not have it.

Barbara Shott says:


raspberry-ketone says:

I would check with your doctor.

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