Side Effects of Raspberry Ketone

by Raspberry Ketone on February 25, 2012

If you are reading about a product online or in the newspaper or on TV and it just looks too good to be true, then the chances are that it really is just all that. And seriously, that can be disappointing as so many of us are completely tapped out and stressed and really could just use a quick fix when it comes to solving some of our weight loss challenges that plague us day after day, year after year.

But having said all that, sometimes there just appears a product that is so simple and so effective it does just seem to defy what the skeptics are always saying. Raspberry ketone seems to be just one of those products that is standing out above the crowd and for good reason.

When experts like Dr Oz go out on a limb to recommend a product, then millions of people take note and listen to what he has to say. And when it comes to raspberry ketone he has done just that. Who else knew about this amazing product that is now dashing off the shelves of stores all over the world because of what he said and because folks really are seeing results.

But it’s never a good idea to just blindly follow anyone’s recommendations without doing some more of your own research and debunking some of the myths out there especially when it comes to side effects.

With raspberry ketone the side effects are lessened due to the fact that is it naturally derived from the raspberry plant. It works as a weight loss aid as it increases your metabolism as well as help your body to block the absorption of fat-creating foods.

Raspberry ketone is more effective than other weight loss supplements that might contain caffeine that does have more side effects such as loss of sleep, anxiety, or increased risk of cysts. As this is a natural plant and the recommended dosage is fairly small, there really are not a lot of risks associated with taking this product unless you are actually allergic to raspberries – in which case it is probably recommended to avoid this product or at the very least speak to your health care professional just to be on the safe side.

And as raspberry ketone really does not have any documented or known side effects and on the flip side has several benefits, the most important of which is the ability to actually increase your weight lose and finally get into those skinny jeans that are in the back of your closet, there really are no reasons to put off trying out using raspberry ketone today.

So really, there is no time like the present to take this next easy step – either take a trip down to your local health food store or jump online and order your own raspberry ketone supplements and then look forward to being the very best that you can be from here on in – you will be very glad that you did!

Wendy says:

The instructions say take 2 a day. Is there a particular time? Do you take them together?

Raspberry Ketone says:

One with breakfast and one with lunch is normally recommended.

Michelle says:

I started taking this on Tuesday and its now Friday and I lost 5lbs and I didnt go to the gym this week. My question it kind of feels like my heart is racing and its hard for me to breathe. I dont know if its from the supplement or just from being overweight. Is this normal?

Trish says:

What effect does raspberry ketones have on the thyroid gland? Also, can diabetics take this supplement? I’m on glipizide, metformin and januvia.

Raspberry Ketone says:

Raspberry ketone is known to be safe but you should always consult your doctor is you have any health conditions before taking any supplement.

Anid says:

My name is Anid and wanted to ask you if you had discussed it with your dr. About taking the raspberry keytone. I have thyriod and diabetes and would like to know what your dr. Suggested. It would be helpful Thanks.

Nini says:

Can I take raspberry ketones with saffron extract?

Raspberry Ketone says:

You will want to ask your doctor about that.

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